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If You Give a Cheetah a Cheese Blintz
By Larry Mark
All rights reserved.

she's going to ask you for some sour cream.

You'll say, "I'll race you to the fridge"
but she'll run so fast
that she'll beat you there before you
finish your thought.

When you open the fridge,
you'll find cottage cheese,
blintzes, and milk,
but you'll probably be out of sour cream.

"Where's the sour cream?" you'll ask your brother
as he comes down the stairs.
But he'll just answer " How should I know?"

So you'll ask your Uncle Chaim,
who is lying on the sofa,
"Where's the sour cream?"
"Check behind the cheesecake,"
will come Uncle Chaim's reply.

So you'll chase the Cheetah
back to the kitchen,
only to find that your sisters
Chaya and Charlotte are
feasting on the sour cream.

"We'll save you some
if you let us pet the
Cheetah's spots,"
your sisters will suggest

But before they pet
the Cheetah's spots,
the Cheetah will want to get
her red hairbrush.

So you'll go to
find her red hairbrush.
But when she finds it in your
bedroom, she's going to want to
sit in your comfortable chair.

If the Cheetah sits in your comfortable
chair, she's going to want to play
some chess.

But if you open the chess set,
Uncle Chaim, who is such a
charming character,
is going to walk by,
poke his head into the room
and ask,
"Do you know why we eat
cheese blintzes on Shavuoth?"

The cheetah will reply, "No."

So Uncle Chaim will reply,
"Well the holiday of Shavuoth
commemorates the giving of the
Ten Commandmants to our
ancestors in the desert."

"And Since they didn't yet know
what foods would be kosher,
and what wouldn't be kosher,
they played it safe and ate only
dairy foods, like milk and
cheese, in the desert."

But when Uncle Chaim
mentions the word Desert,
the Cheetah's going to be
reminded of Dessert,
and will ask,
"You know what? I think I'd
like to have a cheese blintz..." -- Revised: July 1999
Copyright © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Acquired in August 1999.

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