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A Story submitted by Paul Starr

My grandparents came from a small town in Poland. Just before the Second World War, they escaped from Europe and settled in Montreal. They had few worldly goods, and two children, my mother and my uncle Sam. They lived in a small tenement in what was a mostly Jewish part of town. My grandparents were not extremely observant, but my Grandmother always scrimped and saved in order to prepare a delicious and hearty Shabbos dinner for her husband and children.

One Shabbos eve, just before dinner, a man wearing ragged old clothes and a shabby old hat, knocked on the door. He begged my grandmother for something to eat. My grandmother invited the man to stay for Shabbos dinner. At first he refused, but my Bubby was a very persuasive lady, and the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen helped convince the man to stay. When he finished eating, he got up from the table, put on his old coat and started to leave. Before he walked down the stairs, he put both hands on the brass doorknob and quietly recited a short prayer. He then turned to my grandmother and said, "In this house, you will always have enough to eat." He thanked my grandparents, and disappeared into the night.

The next day, my uncle Sam came home with wonderful news. He had gotten a job at a small grocery store. As the company grew, and my uncle moved up the corporate ladder, he was able to furnish his parents with an endless supply of groceries, fruits and vegetables. -- Revised: July 1999
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