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Biographies and Business and Popular Books

[book] PRIMO LEVI. The Suicide of an Optimist by Myriam Asnissimov. Translated by Steve Cox
$35 before 30% off. Hardcover - 608 pages (December 1998). Primo Levi, an Italian Jewish chemist, apparently committed suicide in 1987, after writing several books about his life and his experiences at Auschwitz. Why would Levi, who was like the Italian Elie Wiesel, commit suicide after a life of bearing witness and surviving a death camp? Did he feel survivor's guilt? Did he feel that only the good died, and the bad were allowed to survive? This major biography by Anissimov, the French journalist, delves deeply into the life and mind of the controversial Levi. Why did he feel guilt? Why did he feel misunderstood? Did people die and suffer for nothing? Did he continue to suffer in Turin after the war by caring for his blind and senile mother and mother-in-law? Was he right in thinking that the Holocaust will become just a forgotten footnote in history? This book begins to answer some of these questions, and paints the first of many portraits of the post-Holocaust philosopher.
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[book] The Making of a Jew by Edgar M. Bronfman
Hardcover - 226 pages (October 1996) Putnam. This may be sold out A very candid personal memoir, by Canadian-born, Edgar Bronfman, son of Sam Bronfman, world Jewish leader, Seagram's head honcho, and leader of the World Jewish Congress. Bronfman reveals the truth about the Bronfman's origins, the start of Seagrams, his own rebellious youth, his American college education, his four marriages, and how he ended up taking on a destined role in organized Jewish leadership. Also includes his quest to learn more about Judaism, and his dealings with the likes of Krushchev, Gorbachev, Lech Walesa, George Bush, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres.
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[book] The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman, MCA, and the Hidden History of Hollywood by Dennis McDougal
$28 before 30% off. Hardcover - 448 pages (November 1998). Is Lew Wasserman the Godfather of Hollywood? His career has spanned the silent era, the studio moguls, through to times of special effects and Japanese money. McDougal chronicles the life and times of Lew Wasserman, the powerful and secretive head of MCA who determined the fates of fabled stars and multinational corporations--and who forged a web of influence that stretched from Hollywood to the White House, and into the heart of organized crime.
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[book] In Hostile Territory: Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant by Gerald Westerby
$25 retail, but for you, 30% off. Hardcover-288 pages (May 1998) Harperbusiness. I have two simple rules. Ignore anyone who uses or misuses the word "paradigm", and ignore anyone who says that he worked for the Mossad. The name Gerald Westerby doesn't sound Israeli, does it? Well it is a pseudonym for a former agent (combatant) for the Mossad. As a Mossad representative, he ran several large businesses as a cover (but, no, not a moving company in NYC). Westerby provides the reader with lessons from the "Agents Handbook" focusing on patience, preparation, and persistence. He then uses his experiences in Yemen, Iran, Iraq, and Libya as lessons in how he applied these lessons.
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[book] Good Spirits : The Making of a Businessman by Edgar M. Bronfman
$26 retail, but we get it for you for less. Hardcover - 248 pages (February 1998) Putnam Pub Group. Wasn't it Tevye, who said, "When you're rich, they think you really know." I had to laugh, when the review copy I got said that Edgar Bronfman started out at a low level at Seagram's and made it up to Chairman. Gee, don't you think being part of the family helped a little. But seriously, in this book, Bronfman is candid and talks about what it was like to grow up in a family lead by a domineering, successful father, and how he was groomed to take the mantle of leadership in the family and in the business. He discusses how he escaped from his father's shadow to make his own way. Filled with many humorous and poignant stories.
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[book] Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Michael Bloomberg with Matthew Winkler
$25 retail, but we get it for you for less. Hardcover - 261 pages (March 1997) John Wiley & Sons. I admit that I was once addicted to the Bloomberg machine in my office. It was better than a Quotron. Bloomberg made his fortune by leaving a comfortable job at Salomon Brothers, to hawk his system for electronic delivery of market information (of course he had some good backers, too). In Bloomberg by Bloomberg, Michael discusses how his company developed, his forecast on the future of business information and news delivery, and his views on philanthropic endeavors (should be read by all members of the UJA Wall Street Division).
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[book] Memos from the Chairman by Alan C. Greenberg, Warren Buffett
($18) Paperback - 156 pages (May 1997) John Wiley & Sons. Alan C. Greenberg is also known as "Ace" Greenberg and is Chairman of Bear, Stearns and Company. When he is not busy giving $1 million to poor people who need Viagra; chairing the NYC Wall Street Division of the UJA, or running Bear Stearns, the investment bank, brokerage, and broker dealer, Mr. Greenberg collects paper clips. In this slim but useful book, he copies his infamous memos to the staff in which he shares his inspirational thoughts on business, success, cost savings, arrogance (people who don't believe that their **** stinks), bureacracy, why you should hire hungry employees with chips on their shoulders, and humility. Haimchinkel Malintz Anaynikal says that this book is a good value. By the way, never buy paper clips; just recycle the one's that others send to you.
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[book] Finance by Professors Zvi Bodie and Robert C. Merton (Nobelists)
(Over $40 before discount) Paperback - 442 pages (April 1998) Prentice Hall. The two prize winning Economists discuss Finance in a clear and through manner. Based on the three analytical pillars of finance: time value of money; valuation; and risk management, this book is broader in scope than traditional finance books. Robert C. Merton is the son of the famed sociologist Robert K. Merton (who was born Meyer R. Schkolnick in Philadelphia but wanted to be a magician, and changed his name to Robert Merlin and then Robert Merton.)
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[book] Pour Your Heart Into It; How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time by Howard Schultz, Dori Jones Yang
($15 before discount) Paperback - 368 pages (September 1998) Little Brown & Company. I dislike Starbuck's dark roasted bean coffee. But this didn't stop me from culling some business wisdom from POUR YOUR HEART INTO IT, by Starbuck's zealous CEO and Chairman, Howard Schultz. In it, Schultz, a Brooklyn native, details how he made his way to Seattle, had an epiphany in Milan, accomplished the purchase of Starbuck's from its founders, and led its growth from a catalog and four-store bean retailer into the two-country, 26 state coffee bar chain we know today. So what is Jewish about Starbuck's? Well sprinkled through the book are Schultz's yiddishisms, having learned them as a poor Jewish kid in the Brooklyn projects. His philosophy of employee empowerment, compensation, and social justice also have a very Jewish feel to them. Also, one of the founders of Starbucks in Seattle was Zev Siegl (Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker). Also, when Howard Schultz needed money to open his Il Giornale coffee bars, and later take over Starbuck's, he got much of his funding from contacts he made while playing basketball at the Seattle JCC/Jewish Y.
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[book] City of Dreams : The Making and Remaking of Universal Pictures by Bernard F. Dick
$30 before 30% off. Hardcover - 344 pages (April 1997). In February 1906 Carl Laemmle, an immigrant and former clothing store manager, opened his first nickelodeon in Chicago. He quickly moved from exhibition to distribution and soon entered the realm of film production. A master of publicity and promotions, within ten years "Uncle Carl" had moved his entire operation to southern California, founded a city, and established Universal Pictures as one of the major Hollywood studios. This is the 90 year history of Universal, which was not one of the "Big Five studios", but held its own as one of the "Little Three."
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[book] The Rise and Rise of David Geffen by Stephen Singular
$15 before discount. Hardcover - 288 pages (October 1997) To read more about it, click below.
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[book] The Barry Diller Story : The Life and Times of America's Greatest Entertainment Mogul by George Mair
$25 before discount. Hardcover - 300 pages (April 1997).
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[book] Ovitz : The Inside Story of Hollywood's Most Controversial Power Broker by Robert Slater
$23 before discount. Hardcover - 360 pages (May 1997) McGraw-Hill. His career as an agent--and his astonishing year as president of the Walt Disney Company ... is the basis for an utterly reverential biography Ovitz by Robert Slater
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[book] Insisting on the Impossible. The Life of Edwin Land (Polaroid inventor) by Victor K. McElheny
($30 before discount). Hardcover - 512 pages (October 1998).a former NYT science reporter documents the life, inventions, and paranoia of Edwin Land, who had over 500 patents, and is most famous for the Land Camera, which is also known as the Polaroid camera (and was born into an observant Jewish family).
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Work In Progress. by Michael Eisner with Tony Schwartz
($28 before discount). Hardcover - 464 pages (Sep 24 1998) Random House. Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney and ABC discusses his life and his rise to the top of Disney, and his love of two-man partnerships. Chock filled with vivid accounts his rise in the biz, on his teaming up with Barry Diller, and how he became the CEO (you know you just don't get tapped for the job, you have to fight for it.) I enjoyed the book, even if some of the sentences sounded as if Larry King ghost-wrote it. The one draw back... Eisner may think that "denial" is a river in Egypt, cuz you won't find any deep introspection in this on why his childhood was not as happy as one would hope, or why he was sent to boarding school for high school, his facing death (near fatal heart attack), or the loss of Disney president Frank Wells, Disney lyricist Howard Ashman, or the flight of Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Kaddish by Leon Wieseltier
($28 before discount). Hardcover - 720 pages (September 1998) Knopf. Part memoir, part discussion of a spiritual quest by the literary editor of The New Republic. Leon Wieseltier was born in Brooklyn in 1952. He was educated at Columbia, Oxford and Harvard. From 1979 to 1982, he was a member of the Society of Fellows at Harvard. He has been the Literary Editor of The New Republic since 1982
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[book] Soldier of Peace: The Life of Yitzhak Rabin : 1922-1995 by Dan Kurzman
($30 before discount) Hardcover - 416 pages (May 1998) Harpercollins. Dan Kurzman, a reporter for The Washington Post, presents a biography, written in "fly-on-the-wall" prose. It is based on more than 200 interviews, from Rabin's wife and son to Rabin's colleague Shimon Peres to U.S. secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and James A. Baker. The story of Rabin's rise to power intertwines with the gradual development of Israel into a Middle Eastern power, with the final legacy of both still to be resolved.
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[book] Netanyahu: The Road to Power. By Ilan Kfir and Ben Caspit
($25 before discount). Hardcover - 271 pages (July 1998) Birch Lane Press. To be translated to English for Fall 1998. The first significant biography of the Israeli PM. They focus on his influences, the right wing leanings of his family, the affect of his sojourn in America, and some minor psycho-stuff on his being a middle child, etc. Not enuf info on his marital affairs however.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels by Thomas Cahill
($23 less discount) Hardcover - 256 pages (March 1998) Doubleday. Best selling book by the author of a similar book in the Irish. A readable, light, history of the Jews and how Hebrews and Judaism affected world culture.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] The Invisible Wall: The Mystery of the Germans and the Jews by Former U.S. Sec. Of Treasury, W. Michael Blumenthal
($28 before discount). Hardcover - 384 pages (June 1998) Counterpoint Press. W. Michael Blumenthal was born in Oranienburg Germany; he fled from the Nazis to Shanghai with his family as a child, and came to the U.S. after The War, became an Economist, a leader of Cork, Crown and Seal, a trade negotiator, Bendix and Unisys CEO, and Secretary of the Treasury under Carter. Along those many years, Blumenthal was shadowed (if not haunted) by a question that would not evaporate. It was not a question of "How" or "What" happened to the Jews in Germany, but a question of "Why." Why did the Germans react against the successful and highly assimilated Jewish community? Blumenthal is not a historian; nor does he claim to be. Yet I found this book highly enlightening as a historical account of German Jewry. As a literary device, Blumenthal found six members of his very extended family tree, and used their recreated lives as examples of the lives of Jews in Germany since the 17th Century. The Blumenthal family came to Germany as poor outcasts in the 1670's, and left as outcasts two Centuries later. Although Jews could be found in the "Germany" of Roman period Trier, the book starts out in 1671, when Jews were invited to the German lands after the devastation of Thirty Years War. Here we meet Jost Liebman, a taxed and abused Jewish peddler who rose to become the jeweler to the Brandenburg nobility (yet still a Jew). Then there is Rahel Vornhagen von Ense (nee Levin), a 19th Century Berlin intellectual and salon hostess who felt that she has two great burdens - being a woman and being a Jew. A Baptized convert and wife to a nobleman, she was still seen as a Jew by the Germans and died respecting in her newfound Jewish heritage; Giacomo Meyerbeer, the top composer of his time who endured anti-Semitism; Louis Blumenthal, an emancipated Prussian politician, banker, and assimilated Jew; Arthur Eloesser, a Weimer scholar and art critic, who saw his books burned as the Nazis rose to power, who visited Palestine twice, but returned to Germany in the late 1930's; and the author's father, Ewald Blumenthal, a proud member of the Kaiser's elite guards and recipient of the Iron Cross, who escaped Germany with his family after being imprisoned at Buchenwald. Each of the six were successes, each tried to assimilate, and each failed in the end. Blumenthal provides a stimulating study as to what was so unique about German society that they were doomed to fail.
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[book] I Will Bear Witness: The Diaries of Victor Klemperer by Victor Klemperer
($30 before 30% discount) Hardcover-352 pages, (November 1998) Random House. What was it like to be a Jew in Germany? Amos Elon, writing in The NY Times wrote that this is "The best written, most evocative, most observant record of daily life in the Third Reich."
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[book] There Once Was a World : A Nine Century Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok by Professor Yaffa Eliach
(list $40 before discount). Hardcover - 960 pages (October 1998) Little Brown. Already nominated for the National Book Award, Professor Eliach reconstructs 900 years of Jewish life in this Lithuanian town. She spent nearly 20 years on this project, documenting the town in which she was born and her family killed.
Click here to read more about it, or to BUY this book.

[video] Video of The Grand Jury Testimony of William Jefferson Clinton, August 17, 1998
Video. $15 before discount
Click here to BUY this

[video] The Starr Report: The Findings of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr on President Clinton and the Lewinsky Affair. Kenneth W. Starr
Paperback. $10 before discount
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[book] The Jew Store: A Family Memoir by Stella Suberman.
($20 before 30% discount) Hardcover-312 pages (October 1998) Algonquin Books. In 1920, the Bronson family became the first Jews to reside in Concordia, Tennessee. Aaron, who had immigrated from Russia, and worked in Nashville and Savannah started Bronson's Low-Priced dry goods store. The locals called it, "the Jew Store." This is a memoir about growing up in the South (1920-1933) as a Jew in the early 20th Century.
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[book] The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South by Eli N. Evans.
($16 before discount) Paperback-416 pages Revised September 1997 Free Press. Eli Evan's classic history of Jewish life in the South. I devoured it after hearing Evans speak in New York City at the Park East Synagogue with Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy) about growing up Jewish in The South
Click here to BUY this book for a discount

[book] Out of Egypt, a memoir by Andre Aciman
($14 before discount) The paperback edition of this award winning, best-selling memoir of Aciman's Alexandria-based, Egyptian Jewish family, their expulsion, and decline. Like a modern exodus. In elegant and witty prose, Aciman introduces us to the marvelous eccentrics who shaped his life--his uncle, two grandmothers, and an aunt. I had the pleasure of studying Exodus with him at HUC-JIR. It made the text come more alive.
Click here to BUY this book for a discount

[book] Hotel Bolivia : The Culture of Memory in a Refuge From Nazism by Leo Spitzer
($25 before discount) Hardcover - 384 pages (June 1998) Hill & Wang. When many think of the land locked country of Bolivia, they think of narcotics, Nazi's and natural resources. Few think of Jews. But to Jews fleeing Europe after the Anschluss of 1938, Bolivia was the place about which to think. Bolivia offered a safe haven in a world of closed doors; at least 20,000 Jews found refuge in La Paz, Sucre, Oruro, Cochabamba during the War. Leo Spitzer, a Professor of History at Dartmouth and specialist in cultural memory and gender studies, was born in La Paz in 1939, his parents having just fled their beloved Vienna. His book, Hotel Bolivia, succeeds in providing an enlightening look at the little known story of the Jewish refugee community in Bolivia; and also, for the most part, Spitzer accomplishes his goal to craft a meditation on the nature of individual and collective memories and the ability of people to adapt to their new environment. Through interviews, testimonies, documents, diaries, and recollections, many rendered benign by the passing of time, Spitzer relates to us the stories of the refugees who never felt at home in Bolivia -- people who viewed themselves as refugees and not residents -- perceiving Bolivia as a transit station, a hotel by the name of Hotel Bolivia..
Click here to read more about the book in my longer review and/or to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Tough Jews by Rich Cohen
($25 before discount) Hardcover - 288 pages (April 1998) Simon & Schuster. Honestly, although I disliked reading this book, it is a good book and a worthwhile read. The only reason I disliked it was I felt there was just too much artistic license taken by imaginatively recreating events. The stories are informative. One would think twice about glorifying Bugsy or eating at The Lansky Lounge after reading this. Did you know that Dutch Schultz was Jewish? Sure, I found it grotesque when Cohen imagined that Rothstein's secret bank loan to his saintly father, Abe, might have absolved himself of the murders and crimes, or when he compared Lepke's hiding to that of Anne Frank's. But when push comes to a hard shove, I would never have known about the Jewish gangsters, their prostitution, gambling, loan-sharking, schlamming union-busters, schlamming union builders, preying on shopkeepers, and drugs. So I give this one a thumbs up.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] The Gold of Exodus : The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai by Howard Blum.
($25, before discount) Hardcover-368 pages (February 1998) Simon & Schuster. Part adventure story, part bible(?) Howard Blum tells us of two men and their search for the true Mount Sinai, but first, millionaire adventurer Larry Williams and ex-cop Bob Cornuke, must illegally cross the border into Saudi Arabia (near a "secret" military installation). It's a riveting, sand-swept true story of the search for a lost treasure (the gold left behind). Read it for the adventure story, but keep in mind these are adventurers, not bible scholars, and not archeologists.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Memoirs of a Jewish Extremist : An American Story by Yossi Klein Halevi
($23 before discount) Hardcover (November 1995) Little Brown & Company. Most of us first met Yossi Klein Halevi, when he was just the Brooklynite, Yossi Klein, in the Jewish documentary, Kaddish. Well, Yossi went on from being a New York activist and East Village publisher, to making aliyah and becoming an award winning journalist for The Jerusalem Report (hey, didn't I meet you on Cyprus?) anyway, Mr. Halevi recounts his youth as a Jewish activist in America, and his trip to and arrest in the Soviet Union, his devotion to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (before he moved to Israel), and Yossi's eventual moderation and advocacy of Jewish-Christian reconciliation (and even marriage? - just kidding)
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Benjamin Disraeli Letters : 1852-1856 (Vol 6) by M. G. Wiebe (Editor), Mary S. Millar (Editor), Ann P. Robson (Editor)
($125 before 30% discount) Hardcover - 656 pages (January 1998) Univ of Toronto Press. Do you recall the Disraeli character in the 1997 film, HRH Mrs. Brown? Did you ever want to learn more about one of Britain's most powerful leaders? This volume of Disraeli's letters repeats his anecdotes and demonstrates his political adroitness that served him well under Victoria. Oh, if only our current legislators had the command of English that Disraeli did.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its $125 list price

[book] Calendar: Humanity's Epic Struggle to Determine a True and Accurate Year by David Ewing Duncan
($23 before 30% discount) Hardcover - 266 pages (July 1998) Bard. Why are we about to enter the Year 2000? How can I speak about this when I am about to also enter a Jewish year that is over 3700 years older then that? In the past, I read Duncan's books about cycling through Africa; and I enjoyed them. In this book, he teaches us about the history of the calendar. This is a must read for anyone wondering why we are about to enter the Year 2,000. An engaging, fascinating look at how man has reckoned time through the ages takes readers on an extraordinary journey, ranging from one of the earliest calendars (a series of markings on a bone 13,000 years ago) to the current struggles with the infamous "Year 2000 Crisis".
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Man Is Wolf to Man: Surviving the Gulag by Janusz Bardach, Kathleen Gleeson
($30) Hardcover - 397 pages (May 1998) Univ California Press. When Janusz Bardach was 21, he fled the Nazi's in Poland, made his way to the USSR, and joined the Red Army. After causing a tank to sink (the hatch was left open), he ended up on a train to the gulag prisons in Siberia (which he jumped from, but survived). In this book, he discusses his five years in Stalin's prisons, and the bone crushing labor in the Kolyma gold mines. He relays the harrowing tales of man's inhumanity toward each other (but also the kindnesses). He is now a surgeon in the U.S.
Click here to BUY this book

[book] My Just War : The Memoir of a Jewish Red Army Soldier in World War II by Gabriel Temkin
($25 before discount) Hardcover - 288 pages (February 1998) Presidio Press. When Gabriel Temkin was 18, the Nazi's invaded Poland, and he fled Lodz for the USSR. After the Nazis invaded Stalin's Soviet Union in 1941, Temkin was drafted into the Red Army. His memoir traces his experiences as he fought the Nazis across Eastern Europe until the taking of Vienna in April 1945. Temkin chronicles his experiences as a a common soldier in one of the most massive and heroic military campaigns in modern history. Temkin ended up in a disease-ridden, German POW camp, where he feared being found out as a Jew. He is currently a retired college professor in the U.S.
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[book] The Book and the Sword: A Life of Learning in the Shadow of Destruction by David Weiss Halivni.
$21 before discount. Hardcover (October 1996) Farrar Straus & Giroux. Rabbi Halivni, an esteemed Professor at Columbia, was a Talmudic child prodigy, an ilui, who was raised in Sighet in the Carpathian Mountains (a neighbor of Elie Wiesel). In this slim, readable, engaging autobiography we learn how the Talmud kept Halivni and others alive during the Nazi Holocaust, by giving them hope. Halivni. A survivor of Auschwitz and Gross Rosen, Halivni is author of the nine-volume commentary Sources and Traditions, and is a pioneer the application of source-critical methodologies to Talmudic material. At times, I found Halivni's academic arrogance shining through the sentences, but the man is a genius, and some arrogance is deserved. Mid-book, Halivni explains why he resigned from JTS when they began to ordain women.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Unstrung Heroes: My Improbable Life With Four Impossible Uncles. Franz Lidz
$5 before discount. Paperback (August 1995) Signet. Franz Lidz recalls his unusual childhood spent in the care of his four wildly eccentric Jewish uncles. Also the source for a mation picture of the same name, which starred Andie MacDowell, John Turturro and Michael Richards (Kramer on TV's Seinfeld).
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[book] The Story of the Jews: A 4,000 Year Adventure by Stanley Mack
($30) Hardcover - 273 pages (April 1998) Villard Books. Stan Mack, one of America's top cartoonists, and among my favorites, has written a cartoon history of the Jewish people, as his dear departed grandfather watched over his shoulder. Read more about it by clicking below
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[book] Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood by Binjamin Wilkomirski
($11 before discount) Paperback - 160 pages (October 1997) Schocken Books. First published in germany in 1995. Binjamin Wilkomirski (the name the author believes to be his, though he will never know for sure) was held in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland as a young child. Fragments contains the powerful remnants of his memory, from 1939-1948, the piercing shards of a child's recollections of unadulterated terror and the confusing horror of the camps. Hailed as a small masterpiece and recipient of several jewish and international book awards. Please note however, that although it is a great read, it may be a fictitious collection. Some say that Wilkomirski is actually a Swiss christian, not a Latvian-born Jew, who was born in 1941. Maybe you should view the book as a novel...
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[book] Unauthorized Freud: Doubters Confront a Legend by Frederick C. Crews
($25) Hardcover-301 pages (August 1998) Viking Press. No compromise position here: Freud is totally dishonest, according to Crews, and his theories are a worthless sham--but the really bad news (as set forth in Crews's analysis of the "recovered memory movement") is that to this day Freud's legacy continues to inform a "therapeutic" tradition that destroys people's lives.
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[book] Walking With the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement John Lewis and Michael D'Orso
($26) Hardcover-352 pages (June 1998) Simon & Schuster. A stirring portrait of the power of moral consistency and courage by Georgia congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis.
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[book] The Boys - The Untold Story of 732 Young Concentration Camp Survivors by Sir Martin Gilbert
($17 before discount) Paperback - 528 pages (September 1998). Martin Gilbert's collection of studies on 732 boys who spent their teens surviving the Nazi death camps, and how their lives turned out.
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[book] I Love Gootie: My Grandmother's Story by Max Apple
($24) Hardcover - 244 pages (May 1998) Warner Books. What Max Apple did for his grandfather in Roommates, he does for his grandmother. Out of family recollections, he is recapturing a precious time and a lost culture.
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[book] Roommates by Max Apple
($6) Paperback. Max Apple's story of growing up and rooming with his 103 year old grandfather, Rocky (Yerachmiel).
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[book] The Jewish Spirit: A Celebration in Stories & Art by Ellen Frankel (Editor)
($50 before discount) Hardcover - 240 pages (October 1997). A gloriously illustrated anthology of Jewish stories featuring some of the most beloved writers and artists of all time. Selections range from traditional Midrash, Hasidic tales, and Sephardic folklore to ancient and modern stories from the Middle East, Africa, India, Eastern Europe, and North America. Over 120 full-color illus
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