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James March Goldberg

BIOGRAPHY: Mr. Goldberg received a Bachelor of Architecture and Design from The University of Michigan (1958) and a graduate degree from Syracuse University (1969). A member of the AIA, Mr. Goldberg was the designer of the Michael Jordan, Balaban, Saffro, and Friedman and residences. He was also the recipient of the Gold and Silver Key Awards for Design from the HBA of Greater Chicago.

LOCATION: James March Goldberg Architects Inc., Lake Forest, Illinois


STATEMENT: Made from fir lumber, western cedar lumber, exterior stains, and steel threaded rods.
The concept of personalizing each family's sukkah, while guided by strict laws of the Old Testament, is the major design concept of the shelter. This is accomplished by individual boards of varying heights and colors of the harvest, which allows each family to create a different upper wall of design and color pattern of their choice. The varying heights of the individual wall boards also give rise to the different pitch of the roof system, which is designed by tree branches. This follows the dictate of the Old Testament and other laws, which indicate that the roof must be partially open such that the occupants of the shelter may see the stars from within. The roof system allows for hanging of various types of decoration during the festival season typically the fruits of the harvest.
The other concept behind the design is that of ease of transporting and storage, as this shelter is made of numerous, individual pieces. Any quantity can be given to a child or adult to transport and store.
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