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Books that promote Jewish health. Send an email to with your recommendations of books we should add.

[book] Fibroids: The Complete Guide to Taking Charge
of Your Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Well-Being by Johanna Skilling, Eileen Hoffman Md

When Johanna Skilling was diagnosed with fibroid tumors, she was confused by treatment recommendations that ranged from "watch and wait" to total hysterectomy. Even more frustrated by the lack of data about fibroids, she set out to close the information gap. Skilling explores the medical, emotional, and sexual implications of a fibroid diagnosis simply and thoroughly; explains what fibroids are, what influences their growth, what to expect after a diagnosis, and how to live with fibroids if surgery isn't chosen; and discusses traditional and alternative treatments and the mind-body connection. Skilling adds, “I interviewed leaders in fibroid surgery and research, read dozens of books, and scanned hundreds of articles and Web sites. I also spoke with women who've been where you are and who are willing to share what they've learned...This book is a product of our collected wisdom.” Joanna Skilling is a senior executive at a major advertising agency in New York. Motivated by her frustration with the inconsistent treatment recommendations she received after being diagnosed with fibroids, she took a year-long break from her career to research and write this book. Click to read more.

[book] Sanity and Sanctity: Mental Health Work Among the Ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem
by David, M.D. Greenberg, Eliezer, M.D. Witztum

Ultra-orthodox Jews in Jerusalem are isolated from the secular community that surrounds them not only physically but by their dress, behaviors, and beliefs. Their relationship with secular society is characterized by social, religious, and political tensions. The differences between the ultra-orthodox and secular often pose special difficulties for psychiatrists who attempt to deal with their needs. In this book, two Western-trained psychiatrists discuss their mental health work with this community over the past two decades. With humor and affection they elaborate on some of the factors that make it difficult to treat or even to diagnose the ultra-orthodox, such as their distrust of the secular, their belief that all suffering is God-sent, and the problem of distinguishing what appear to be mental disturbances from manifestations of religious fervor. Drs. David Greenberg and Eliezer Witztum explain how they cope with their ultra- orthodox patients' negative feelings toward Western medicine and gradually establish a relationship of trust, by listening carefully to patients' narratives, learning about the ultra- orthodox way of life, working closely with the patient's religious advisers, and coming to terms with their own feelings. They present fascinating case studies, ranging from some young men who became psychotic while studying Kabbalah to another man who intended blowing up a mosque to atone for a friend's death. And they relate their observations of this religious community to the management of mental health services for other fundamentalist, anti-secular groups. Click to read more.

[book] From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer by Arlene Cotter
Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

Readers… check out www.Sharsheret.ORG, a website started by Rochelle Shoretz, a mother of two and former law clerk to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sharsheet is for young Jewish women who are fighting illness and confronting issues of child rearing, genetic risks, and the role of relgion.

[cover] Bosom Buddies : Lessons and Laughter on Breast Health and Cancer by Rosie O'Donnell, Deborah Axelrod, Tracy Chutorian Semier (Contributor)
Paperback (November 1999) Warner Books. Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[cover] Illness and Health in the Jewish Tradition
by David L. Freeman (Editor), Judith Z. Abrams (Editor)

An anthology of traditional and modern Jewish writings-poems, stories, essays, prayers, and inspirational passages-on illness and healing from the Bible to modern day. Topics cover the role and duties of the physician, reflections on suffering, prayers for healing, the pastoral role of the rabbi, and the ethics of caregiving and health. Contributors include scholars, rabbis, poets and fiction writers, caregivers and medical professionals, storytellers, liturgists, and survivors of illness Click to read more.

[book] Breast Cancer; The Complete Guide by Dr Yashar Hirshaut and Dr Peter I. Pressman
Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Dr Susan Love's Breast Book by Dr Susan Love with Karen Lindsey
Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Hope is Contagious: The Breast Cancer Treatment Survival Handbook by Margit Esser Porter
Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet: The Powerful Foods, Supplements, and Drugs That Combat Breast Cancer by Dr. Bob Arnot
Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[cover] Jewish Women in Therapy : Seen but Not Heard
by Ellen Cole (Editor), Rachel J. Siegel (Editor)

This book is a collection of essays about Jewish women in therapy, the issues they face, and the stumbling block on the road to recovery. A few of the featured authors are Susannah Heschel, Evelyn Torton Beck, Miriam Vogel, Larura S. brown, Adrienne J. Smith, Rita Arditti, Kayla Weiner, Rachel Aber Shlesinger, and Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz. Rachel Siegel is a Jewish feminist activist and clinical social worker, who writes, lectures and conducts workshops on Jewish women, women over sixty, and counteracting negative bias and oppression. She writes, “our therapists have more often than not ignored the historial and political realities of our Jewish heritage, dismissed our oppression as Jews and as women and devalued the Jewish flavor of our lifestyle… When Jewish women are ignored, misperceived, ridiculed, excluded, and rejected, we begin to feel confused about who we really are. .. Our vision becomes distorted. … in this collection we give voice… to the mental health issues of Jewish women. These who were maligned and misdiagnosed have become cornerstones. Click to read more.

[book] Living Beyond Breast Cancer: A Survivor's Guide for When Treatment Ends and the Rest of Your Life Begins by Marisa C. Weiss, MD and Ellen Weiss
Click to read more.
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[book] Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide by Anthony L. Komaroff, Harvard Medical School
Hardcover - 1288 pages 1 edition (September 1999). Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Illness and Health in the Jewish Tradition by David L. Freeman (Editor), Judith Z. Abrams (Editor)
Hardcover. July 1999). JPS. sourcebook of Jewish writings on health, illness, and recovery, writers reflect on the experience of being ill from a Jewish spiritual perspective. Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[cover] Jewish Genetic Disorders : A Layman's Guide
by Ernest L. Abel

Geared to consumers, this superb guide clearly answers questions about genetic diseases common to the Jewish people. The outstanding writing and well-organized text combine to make difficult material accessible to a broad audience. Arranged in three sections, the book begins with an overview of the basics of genetics and genetic disease, followed by a chapter on how and why some diseases occur more often among the Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Oriental Jewish populations. The largest section comprises a wealth of information about the specific genetic diseases, arranged by body system (e.g., gastrointestinal, central nervous system diseases), and the cancers. Additionally, a helpful glossary, a list of screening centers, and suggestions for further reading are provided. Abel (obstetrics/gynecology,Wayne State Univ.) shows great skill in weaving together sometimes heartbreaking facts with a gentle hand. Because of its well-written, current, and comprehensive coverage, this title would be exceptional even if there were tons of books on this topic (which there aren't). A first-choice selection for all consumer health and larger public library collections Click to read more.


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