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[book] Six Jewish Spiritual Paths: A Rationalist Looks at Spirituality by Rabbi Rifat Sonsino
Hardcover - 176 pages (Jan 2001) Jewish Lights Pub. When you see the word Soncino and Rationalist, your eyes perk up... Turkish-born Rabbi Sonsino writes that organized religious practice can be an impediment to spirituality for some people. Spirituality is personal and private. But you don't have to chant and go to Tibet to find spirituality. It exists in Judaism. There are six paths that Rabbi Sonsino explores: study, prayer, meditation, transcendent life events, relationship and good deeds, and ritual practice. For each path, Rabbi Sonsino explains its basis within Jewish tradition and how you can follow it. By discussing alternative approaches to Jewish spirituality in such a straightforward manner, he provides solid ground from which we can find the spiritual path, or combination of paths, that is best for our own personal journey. Rifat Sonsino is spiritual leader of Temple Beth Shalom in Needham, Massachusetts. Ordained at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, he holds a degree in law and a Ph.D. in Bible and ancient Near Eastern studies.
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The Church and the Jews. A History
by James Carroll (Boston Globe columnist)

Houghton Mifflin. January 2001. Carroll, a former priest (who knew no Jews and little about Judaism while he was at the seminary), and the winner of a National Book Award (An American Requiem) writes this history of the 2000 year antagonism between the Catholic church and Judaism (and Jews). Carroll feels that its relationship to Judaism should be the central core theme of the modern church. Also the personal story of why he left the priesthood after his stint at Boston University (he found the church anti-Jewish).
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Paperback - 172 pages. On November 1, 1994, the wife of Rabbi Neulander, Carol, was found murdered in Cherry Hill NJ. Did her husband,a charismatic rabbi, have a hand in her death? Gary Mazo was an assistant to Rabbi Fred Neulander for four years prior to the murder, at Congregation Mkor Shalom. Gary sought out Rabbi Neulander as an admired mentor. Instead of taking sides in the debate and ongoing murder trial, Gary tells how he helped lead the synagogues 1,000 families through the process of rumour mongering, pondering, questioning, etc. This concise, eloquently-written book relates Rabbi Mazo's journey through storms of a magnitude he never expected to face. Crisis reveals character. Despite his youth and lack of experience, despite advice from colleagues to leave the perilous situation, he made the commitment to stay and bring healing to his community.
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[book] I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You by Linda Richman, Foreward by Rosie O Donnell
Hardcover (January 2001) Warner Books
I got verklempt.
Linda Richman is the mother in law of comedian Mike Meyers. The first four decades of Linda Richman's life were rife with tragedy: She lost her father at eight and her mother to depression soon after (her mother refused to tell an 8 year old Linda that her father had died, rather she said he had "gone away"); later, she lost her husband to compulsive gambling; her 29 year old beloved son to a car accident; and spent 11 years battling agoraphobia. But now, Linda shares her life story and how she learned that when all is said and done, the only cure that works, and the one that takes the most courage, is laughter (and telling total strangers that her son is dead). Combining wry, self-deprecating humor with hard-knocks wisdom, Linda makes it her mission to get everyone to shake off the blues and make their way back into the world. Because she knows from experience that when life makes you cry - that's the best time to laugh. Does pain do away? Probably not, but you have to move on. She is a lecturer at the Canyon Ranch.
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[book] THE BLESSING OF A SKINNED KNEE: Using Jewish Teachings To Raise Self-Reliant Children. By Wendy Mogel
Hardcover - 256 pages (January 2001). Wendy Mogel, a clinical psychologist, uses the Talmud, Torah, and Responsa teachings to offer suggestions on how to build self-reliant Jewish children. With authority, warmth, and humor, clinical psychologist and educator Wendy Mogel distills ancient teachings and contemporary psychological insights into a new roadmap for effective, enlightened parenting in an increasingly speedy, material and competitive age. In the trenches of a typical day, every parent encounters a child afflicted with ingratitude and entitlement. In a world where material abundance abounds, parents want so badly to raise self-disciplined, appreciative, and resourceful children who are not spoiled by the plentitude around them. But how to accomplish this feat? The answer has eluded the best-intentioned mothers and fathers who overprotect, overindulge, and overschedule their children's lives. Dr. Mogel helps parents learn how to turn their children's worst traits into their greatest attributes. Starting with stories of everyday parenting problems and examining them through the lens of the Torah, the Talmud, and important Jewish teachings, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee shows parents how to teach children to honor their parents and to respect others, escape the danger of overvaluing children's need for self-expression so that their kids don't become "little attorneys," accept that their children are both ordinary and unique, and treasure the power and holiness of the present moment. It is Mogel's singular achievement that she makes these teachings relevant for any era and any household of any faith. A unique parenting book, designed for use both in the home and in parenting classes, with an on-line teaching guide to help facilitate its use, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee is both inspiring and effective in the day-to-day challenge of raising self-reliant children.
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[book] THE BIBLE UNEARTHED: Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of its Sacred Texts

Hardcover (January 2001) Free Press
Hold onto you seat cushions, this is a highly academic and bumpy ride by the foremost scholars in the field. Finkelstein is without a doubt Israel's foremost biblical archaeologist (TAU at Megiddo).
There is no evidence for the Exodus of the Hebrews, a glorious King David (maybe a chieftain) or Joshua at Jericho, or that Solomon ever built a Temple. The bible might be god inspired folklore and literature, but as for historical accuracy, well you better look someplace else. The Torah is neither fact nor fiction, but an expression of political and social purpose. The authors write that prior to a David, Judea and Israel were already different. The North was agricultural and densely populated; the South was poorer, pastoral, migratory, and sparsely populated. A great read!

[book] Dangerous Diplomacy. The Story of Carl LUTZ, Rescuer of 62,000 Hungarian Jews.
Hardcover (January 2001) Lutz, the Swiss consul of Hungary, and his story.

[book] When I'm Dead All This Will Be Yours. Joe Teller, a Portait By His Kid. By Teller of the Penn and Teller comedy duo.
Hardcover. Teller, of Penn and Teller (the one who doesn't speak on stage), tells the story of his father Joe Teller. Teller is a good son, who cares for his father (in his late 80s) and mother (in her 90s). He listens to their stories, and discovers during the interviews, that he was born Israel Max Teller. Stories if life during the Depression, cartooning, the hobo life, etc.

[book] RETHINKING THE HOLOCAUST by Yehudah Bauer (director of Yad Vashen research).
Yale University Press. January 2001. A rethinking or revisiting of Holocaust history, studies, problems, interpretations, and meaning, its comparison to other genocides, its effects on theology, its relationship to the founding of the State of Israel, and Jewish reactions to the murder campaigns. This will definitely be a staple for future Holocaust studies.
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[book] Pack of Thieves : How Hitler and Europe Plundered the Jews and Committed the Greatest Theft in History by Richard Z. Chesnoff
Paperback update. January 2001. An update to his earlier work. Click for more information.
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THE RED TENT [ABRIDGED] by Anita Diamant.

Audio Cassette Abridged edition Abridged (November 2000). THE BEST SELLING JEWISH BOOK OF 1999 IS NOW ON AUDIO. CLICK THE ICON TO READ OVER 170 REVIEWS OF IT.

[book] THE HOLOCAUST AND THE BOOK. Destruction and Preservation. Edited by Jonathon Rose
Univ Mass. Jan 2001. A collection of essays on the loss of 100 million books during the Holocaust. The contents of Rome's Jewish library were burned by fascists, allegedly with the help of the Church (Stanislao Pugliese); people resisted Nazi's by reading books; Vilna Ghetto librarian writes about patrons wanted to read (mostly escapist stories); and others

By Susan Zuccotti

Yale University Press. January 2001.
According to Zuccotti, even before WWII ended, Vatican officals were already trying to spin the records, creating myths about how Pope Pius 12th saved Jews. While some members of the church were heroic, this authoritative study shoots holes in the myths. She bases her study on the 11 volume Actes et documents du Daint Siege relatifs a la seconde guerre mondiale.
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By Gulie Ne'eman Arad

Indiana Univeristy Press. January 2001.
Could American Jews have done more to save European Jewry in WWII? An academic study on whether more could have been done, and whether there was ambivalence
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[book] FRIDA a novel. by Barbara Mujica
Overlook Press. January 2001. Hardcover - 320 pages. Historical fiction based on the life of Frida Kahlo, narrated by her younger sister Cristina. A great complement to the two films in the works on the life of Frida. The half Jewish artist, lover of Diego Rivero, and artists' muse.
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[book] The Seventh Telling. The kabbalah of Moshe Katan by Mitchell Chefitz
St Martins. January 2001. A novel about two men. One is a rabbi who likes business, the other is a businessman who would like to be a rabbi. These men and their wives tell stories and parables in the bay area hills overlooking SF. This will be of special interest to women who are exploring their spirituality.
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