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by Tom Segev. Translated by Haim Watzman

Hardcover - 592 pages (November 14, 2000).
Tom Segev's acclaimed works, 1949 and The Seventh Million, overturned accepted views of the history of Israel. Now Segev explores the dramatic period before the creation of the state, when Britain ruled over "one Palestine, complete" (as noted in the receipt signed by the High Commissioner) and when its promise to both Jews and Arabs that they would inherit the land set in motion the conflict that haunts the region to this day. It was a makeshift policy between a variety of agencies. The story of how the British put down the Arab rebellion in the 1930's by some pretty grotesque means and massacres (Wingate is [prtrayed as a brutal madman). By 1939, the Brits were ready to leave Palestine, according to Segev, not because of the Jewish groups, but because of the Arabs. They realized it was a no win situation, but WWII got in the way, so they waited until after the War. Segev maintains that the reason the British made promises to the Jewish Zionists was because they thought that Jews had power in the world's political capitals (The Jew turns the wheels of the world (media, The White House, the Russian Revolution, and banking). Yet this belief was ludicrous. They were Anti-Semitic as well as Philo-Semitic. Segev reveals how Ben Gurion pleaded with The British to stay on and not leave in 1948. Segev explains how the partition was awful for both sides, and that the Arabs rejected the 1947 partition since it was worse than the 1937 plan, which they also rejected. Segev asks whether the British would have retreated had the Arabs maintained a similar political structure and organization to that of the Zionist's Jewish Agency. Segev maintains that it was the British Mandate that aided in the creation of Israel by setting up an infrastructure. (The British policy makers in London supported the Mandate and sided more with the Jews, even though most Generals pleaded with London not to get involved in Palestine, and stay clear of both the Arabs and Jews. Most exciting is his story about the young Jewish non Zionist immigrants to Palestine, male and lonely; the young British soldiers, lonely; and the young single Arab men who left their villages for the cities (only 30% of Arab children went to school due to a deliberate British policy to keep them down). This led to some quite interesting developments, like the creation of Hebrew University, the attempt to start an Arab University in Jerusalem as well, the publishing of a technical dictionary in Arabic, the creation of a Hebrew ice cream factory; It was a time of romantic idealism, pragmatism, fictions and myth creation (but they have their place). Readers will see that the 1948 War was inevitable.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Hitler: 1937-1945: Nemesis by Ian Kershaw
Hardcover - 832 pages (November 2000). The climax and conclusion of one of the definitive biographies of our time, by Hitler's definitive biographer. THIS IS THE BIO TO READ. Includes stories never before published in English. Uses sources never used by other biographers, such as Goebbels diaries. Kershaw's description of the Fall of Berlin to the Russians is incomparable to any other bio. Kershaw shows that the destruction of Jews was actually central to Nazism and not peripheral.
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by Rivka Dorfman and Ben-Zion Dorfman

Hardcover (November 2000). Jewish Publication Society.
This Jerusalem based couple worked for twelve years to document in text and 250 photos 35 communities with existing synagogues in central and southern Europe sans Jews. In their mid-seventies, they traveled 30,000 miles (they shipped their 1986 metallic-gold Audi from Haifa to Greece by ferry, then drove through there, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia) and took 20,000 photographs. The catalogued 350 abandoned, small-town synagogues, dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries, in nine countries of southern and central Europe. Their book profiles 34 of them and their forgotten congregations, decimated by Hitler's Final Solution. Some buildings were destroyed later during the four decades of Communist rule.
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Aronson Books.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] LIVING WITH LOSS, Healing with Hope by Rabbi Earl A Grollman
Beacon Books. (November 2000) A compassionate guide for Jewish mourners.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] The Nine Commandments: Uncovering the Hidden Pattern of Crime and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible. By David Noel Freedman.
Hardcover - 368 pages (November 7, 2000). Freedman is Professor of Hebrew Bible at UC San Diego. He asserts that by reading Exodus through Kings, the Hebrews violate nine Commandments, one by one, beginning with the Golden Calf (Exodus 32) to murder (Judges 19) to false testimony (Jezebel in 1 Kings 21). This hidden trail of sins betrays the hand of a single editor.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE JEW WITHIN: SELF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY IN AMERICA. By Arnold M. Eisen (Stanford) and Steven M. Cohen (Hebrew University)
Hardcover - Indiana University Press (November 2000). The majority of American Jewry now consists of moderately affiliated Baby Boomers, who differ from their parents generation. The are into religious-individualism. This book is the result of a survey of 1005 Jews and in depth interviews with 60. The book shows how American Jews have foxused on family and family celebrations, and reduced their participation in synagogue life. They are detached from Israel-centrism, and have little interest in Bnai Brith, ADL, AJC, JWV, or the other organizations their parents supported.
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[book] The Faith of Biology and the Biology of Faith (Columbia Series in Science and Religion) by Professor Robert Pollack (Columbia)
Hardcover - 144 pages (November 15, 2000) Columbia Univ Press. When Professor Pollack isn't busy kicking the ass of that stone throwing Professor, Edward Said, he ponders Molecular Biology and Judaism. Pollack is a distinguished scientist, biologist, and former Dean of Columbia College. He is also a member of Manhattan's Or Zarua synagogue. This is his meditation on natural selection, Jewish genetics, the search for meaning in life, naturalism, rationalism, the unknowable (meaning god), free will, Judaism, the boundary between the knowable and unknowable, and diversity.
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Nov 2000. 288 Pages. Neuberger, son of a well known Wall Street investor, writes of his path from the Upper East Side to embracing observant Judaism under the direction of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis' Hineni organization
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.


NYC JCC OF THE UPPER WEST SIDE (NOVEMBER 8) AT KGB BAR Hosts Yehudah Hyman, Alan Kaufman, and Michael Lowenthal.


NYC - B&N ASTOR PLACE. (NOVEMBER 13). Alan Kaufman- Reading from Jew Boy

NYC - B&N ASTOR PLACE. (NOVEMBER 27). Nomi Eve - Reading The Family Orchard

SKOKIE IL - B&N ORCHARD. (NOVEMBER 19). Joseph Benderski - Reading from The Jewish Threat

ROCKVILLE MD - B&N. (NOVEMBER 29). Joseph Benderski - Reading from The Jewish Threat

WASHINGTON DC - Contact the JCC concerning the Jewish Literary Festival.

CHICAGO IL - A half a dozen Book Readings by Jewish authors at the General Assembly 2000, starting November 10, 2000. Check your local listings of GA2K.

NYC - Stephen Wise Free Synagogue (DECEMBER 3) - Readings by Myla Goldberg (Bee Season), Tova Mervis (The Ladies Auxiliary), Nomi Eve (Family Orchard), and Molly Jong-Fast (Normal Girl)

NJ - JCC of Greater Monmouth County in Deal Park NJ . Tickets from 732-531-9100, extension 129
NOVEMBER 19 10:30 AM - Reading by David Horovitz, A Little Too Close to G-d. The Thrill and Panic of Living in Israel
DECEMBER 3, 2000, 11 AM - Reading by Daniel Asa Rose, Hiding Places: A Father and His Sons Retrace Their Family's Escape from the Holocaust
DECEMBER 6, 2000, 9:30 AM - Reading by Mimi Sheraton on THE BIALY EATERS; Myla Goldberg on BEE SEASON; Barbara Kessel on SUDDENLY JEWISH; and others
DECEMBER 8, 2000, 11 AM - Reading by Frederick Reiken, The Lost Legends of New Jersey
DECEMBER 11, 2000, 11 AM - Reading by Nomi Eve, The Family Orchard
DECEMBER 8, 2000, 11 AM - Reading by Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein, God at the Edge
DECEMBER 13, 2000, 7 PM - Readings and debate by Sam Freedman, Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry and Ari Goldman, Being Jewish: The Spiritual and Cultural Practice of Judaism Today

NYC Museum of Jewish Heritage (Battery Park, NYC)
NOVEMBER 5 - Malcah Zeldis and Yona Zeldis McDonough (Mother-Daughter) on "GOD SENT A RAINBOW"
NOVEMBER 9 - George Bartenieff reads from Victor Klemperer's I WILL BEAR WITNESS
NOVEMBER 19 - Mark Podwal, Karen Ostrove and Debby Miller read from their children's books


NYC - THE NEW SCHOOL - A TRIBUTE TO SAUL BELLOW - with Cynthia Ozick and other (NOVEMBER 13)

NYC - BORDERS. (NOVEMBER 13). Simon Reeve's discusses his book, ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER.

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[book] More Stories from My Father's Court by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Curt Leviant (Translator)
Hardcover - 240 pages (November 2000). 28 stories by I B Singer, the fifth collection of his stories to be published after his death. This collection consists of stories from his columns in The Forward published from 1955 though 1960. The stories center in his father's court in Warsaw, or bet din, the House of legal decisions. Includes stories of jilted fiances, adultery, and traveling salesmen. See our Yiddish Literature page for more of Singer's books
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Jewish Stars in Texas : Rabbis and Their Work by Hollace Ava Weiner
Hardcover - 320 pages (November) Texas A&M University Press. Of this book, Molly Ivins wrote, "Those nonconformist rabbis who rode West into the sunset left kosher cuisine behind, but kept their prophetic sense of social justice. . . . My new heroes are little Rabbi Henry Cohen and his compadre Father Kirwin who thwarted the Galveston KKK; Rabbi Maurice Faber, from genteel Tyler, who told Governor Pa Ferguson where to go; and Ephraim Frisch who was driven out of San Antonio for his strident liberalism. Mixers and mavericks, these rabbis were mensches whose life stories give a rich new perspective to Texas lore and Jewish geography."
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Celebrating Your New Jewish Daughter: Creating Jewish Ways to Welcome Baby Girls--New and Traditional Ceremonies by Debra Nussbaum Cohen
Paperback - 192 pages (November 2000) Jewish Lights Pub. Click to read more.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] The Wandering Jews by Joseph Roth (1937), Intro by Mavis Gallant, Translated from German by Michael Hofmann
Hardcover - 144 pages (November 2000) Norton. Roth was the leading journalist of his time and author of Tales of the 1002nd Night. He died in 1939 at the age of 45. This book was published in 1927, and has been translated into English for the first time. In his 1937 intro to the reprint, writing from France, he scathingly criticizes fellow Jews who did not leave Germany after the Nuremberg laws were passed. They have wandered into self-deception. Roth writes of his attempt to get to America, but is denied access at the quarantine station. He wants America so bad, but now hates it. His portrait of shtetl life was advanced for the time he wrote it.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] LORI: MY DAUGHTER, Wrongfully imprisoned in Peru. By Rhoda Berenson. Foreward by Noam Chomsky. Afterward by Ramsey Clark.
November 2000. The story of Rhoda and Mark Berenson, who left their teaching posts to fight for the release of their daughter Lori, who was arrested and imprisoned in December 1995, in Peru, after being accused of aiding the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, which was planning to attack the Peruvian Congress building. Her parents argue that she was not a actual terrorist but a journalist.

[book] But I Love Him by Jill Murray
Hardcover - 208 pages (Fall 2000)
Protecting your teen daughters.... Jewish daughters too, from teenage dates who may abuse them.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] From Herzl to Rabin by Amnon Rubinstein
Hardcover - Holmes and Meier. One Hundred years of Zionist History.

Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE JAR OF FOOLS: EIGHT HANUKKAH STORIES FROM CHELM by Eric Kimmel. Illustrated from Mordicai Gerstein.
September 2000. Kimmel's lastest Hannukah book. Kimmel changes some famous stories, repackaging them as Hanukkah tales. You know, put a latka here, and poof, it's a Hanukkah folktale. But seriously, here are 8 cute tales with a recurring cast of Chelm characters.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] MY TWO GRANDMOTHERS by Effin Older. Illustrated by Nancy Hayashi
September 2000. Ages 3-7. Harcourt. Lily has a grandmother who celebrates Xmas and one that celebrates Hanukkah. Lily hosts a grandmas party for her extremely elderly Bubbe Silver and Grammy Lane.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE RUNAWAY LATKES by Leslie Kimmelman. Illustrated by Paul Yalowitz.
September 2000. Ages 4-7. Albert Whitman. The latkes that Rebecca Bloom is frying jump out of the pan just like a runaway gingerbread man. Everyone gives chase till the runaway falls into a river made of applesauce.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] MOISHES MIRACLE: A HANUKKAH STORY by Laura Kress Melmed. Illustrated by David Slonim
October 2000. HarperCollins. Ages 4-8 Baila and Moishe are given a magic fryingpan that makes as many latkes as one wants by the milkman. Not for feminists. Nice illustrations.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] OUR EIGHT NIGHTS OF HANUKKAH by Michael Rosen. Illustrated by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan.
September 2000. Ages 6-10. A multicultural cast celebrate Hanukkah at home, at temple and at the homeless shelter.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] JASON'S MIRACLE. A HANUKKAH STORY. By Beryl Lieff Benderly.
September 2000. Ages 9-13. Albert Whitman. Jason is 12 years old. Why can't his family celebrate xmas and have Santa? Poof. He is transported back to the time of the Macabees. He aids in their revolt against the Greek-Syrians. The Macabees weren't willing to lose their Jewish culture and religion and give in to the popular assimilationist Greek ways. Hmmmm.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE ANCIENT SYNAGOGUE. The First Thousand Years. By Lee Levine
Hardcover - Yale University Press. 748 Pages. The leading work in the field. In the words of the Times Literary Supplement, this is a weighty and meaty book. It is by Lee Levine, a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is a fresh perspective on the ancient synagogue (gathering=synagoge). It was not just a replacement for the Temple that was destroyed. It was not only a center of learning and prayer that faced Jerusalem. According to Levine, prayer was not the primary function whatsoever. It was a community center that even served meals. Prayer was not done according to the Talmud and its leadership had nothing to do with rabbis. As is done today, the benefactors of early synagogues had their names displayed in gold. More money was spent on large synagogues than on the schools and academies. There is no verification that females were ever separated into galleries. The early synagogues were embellished by paintings and mosaics of birds and icons, including pagan and non-Jewish astrological signs. Greek and Aramaic were the predominant languages in the early synagogues. They did not become prayer centers til about the fourth century. A must read.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE DAY THE RABBI DISAPPEARED. Jewish Holiday Tales Of Magic by Howard Schwartz. Illustrated by Monique Passicot
August 2000. Viking Press. 80 pages. Ages 8 and up. One of Schwartz's best works to date. Each of the 12 magic and magical tales is assigned to a holiday on the Jewish calendar. Each tale is followed by an explanation of the Jewish holiday. My favorite? Well, the Yom Kippur tale by way of Afghanistan. It seems that all the souls are kept like burning oil candles in a cottage. When a man happens upon the cottage, he sees that his own personal candle is about to burn out (maybe he won't be sealed in the book of life?) Maybe he can just pour a little oil from one of the other candles into his own candle? Hmmm....
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] THE JEWISH CONFEDERATES by Robert Rosen.
October 2000. Univ of South Carolina Press. 448 Pages.
2000 Jewish men served in the Confederate armed forces (an army of 1 million) and administration. Most of these men were not from the famed old Jewish families of the South, but were recent immigrants who were discriminated against and seeking to prove their worth (like Japanese American soldiers in WWII). At the time, there were about 25,000 Jews in the South, residing mainly in Memphis, Nashville, Shreveport, and Mobile. Among those profiled are Secretary of State Judah P Benjamin, Rabbi James Gutheim of New Orleans, Tennesseean Benedict Oppenheimer, Floridian David Yulee, QuarterMaster General Abraham C. Myers, and Lt Joshua Lazarus Moses. Moses, a graduate of the Citadel, was killed in action outside of Mobile Alabama, on the same day Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Rosen also documents the growth of anti Semitism in the South as the war progressed. Quite thorough
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] ISRAELIS AND THE JEWISH TRADITION. An Ancient People Debating Its Future. By Rabbi David Hartman.
October 2000. Yale Univ Press. 192 pages. Is Judaism a text-interpretive tradition that one can participate in without committing to halachic rituals? How should secular Israelis seek meaning in their lives without having to join the ranks of the haredim. Hartman contributes to the topic by raising the issue of demythologizing the Jewish people, that a relationship with god does not require the acceptance of specific haredi rituals, traditions, worldviews, and histories. Hartman also analyzes the opposing views of the messianic, redemption-revelation focused Halevi and the Aristotelian, rationalist focused RamBam. This naturally leads to the ideas of Israeli peace with or without land compromises. .
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

Hardcover - Routledge Press. 341 pages
Available in Australia and on MyJewishBooks. Five years worth of essays on the idea of Jewishness, ghetto thinking, and "coming out as Jewish in a non_jewish world." All this in the context of cultural studies. Joe Rich, the Historian in Melbourne, writes, "borad schoalrship, drawing on a range of meticulously acknoedged sources - from Derrida's ruminations on his own circumcision to Darville's egregious representation of Auschwitz as a not entirely unmerited punishment for Jewish delinquency."

Hardcover - 218 Pages, Picador
Available in Australia. Tayar relates the personal history of her family and along the way, the reader learns about the history of Sephardic Jewry in the Mediterranean. Raised in Australia, and now residing in the UK and Belgium, Tayar was fascinated by her large Sephardi clan. The reader benefits with her portraits of family members as the shuttle between Malta, Tunis, Tripolitania, Egypt, Israel, France, and Italy.

A Good Man in Evil Times. The Story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes. The Unknown hero who saved countless lives in WWII. By Peter Graham.
Viking Press UK. Aristides de Sousa Mendes was the son of a grand Portuguese family. He and his twin brother, Caesar, was raised in the family palace, between the towns of Oporto and Coimbra. He and his wife (a first cousin) had 14 kids (3 of whom married the offspring of his twin brother....) A diplomat, he was posted in France, in southwest Bordeaux. Against the wishes of Salazar, the leader of Portugal, and members of his family, Aristedes issued visas to jews seeking to escape over the Pyrnees. He also induced his colleagues in Toulouse and bayonne to co-operate. He sheltered Jewish families in his home. He is said to have saved 10,000 people, some of whom he personally escorted over the border in the face of issues with the police. Salazar never forgave him, and he was retired in disgrace. He died in 1954. In 1964, Israel recognized him as a hero, and his image was rehabilitated in Portugal. The TLS took issue with the author, however, for not dispelling adequately those who said who took payoffs. For id he did, why did he die in poverty and have to sell off even the pipes and bathtub in his home.

Ghosts Emerging from the Dark. Stories of Haredization. By Dan and Sophia Mahler.
A best seller in Israel, about horror stories of secular Jews who are brain washed into the haredi world. And the fallout when husbands, newly observant, leave their wives and kids.

Datlashim: The Generation of the Discarded Kippot. By Shraga Fisherman
Another Israeli popular book. The story of those who leave the Orthodox lifestyle in Israel, mostly because religious schools do not teach openness or independent thinking, but only obedience.


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