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Novels and Fiction
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[book] ESTHER: A Jerusalem Love Story. By Dvora Waysman
Paperback - 150 pages (September 2000) A love story that spans three decades and three continents. When Max, 25, first meets Esther, 20, she is a young Australian girl filled with passion for life and boundless enthusiasm. He falls for her in half an hour. His love for her continues through all the changes that take place in her life - her move from London, where they meet, to Jerusalem where she explores the Judaism. Before her trip to Israel she found Judaism too restrictive. They marry other people when Essie decides to remain on a kibbutz. A quarter decade later, both divorced, they meet by accident in Lebanon. Max never stops loving Esther, even as she matures from a naive girl to a woman of depth and wisdom. Love takes many forms, and readers will experience all the complexities of emotion as they discover the ties that bind a man to a woman.
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[book] MESSIAH OF LAGUARDIA by Elisha Porat. Translated from the Hebrew
Paperback (January 1997). A first collection of short stories by Israeli writer Elisha Porat to be translated into English, we see men whose lives have been fractured, who have found - in a manner often surprising to themselves - little spiritual fulfillment in helping to build the State of Israel.
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[book] LAND OF DREAMS . A novel by Jacob Jaffe
Paperback - 262 pages (February 2000). Land of Dreams is a coming-of-age novel about a ten-year-old boy in 1938-1939, the year America was struggling out of the Depression and Europe was staggering into war. Al, the adult narrator, relives that fateful year. He is witness to the struggles of his immigrant family: his father risks his life to oust the gangsters from the painters union; his mother tries to smuggle her sister's family out of Soviet Russia. He resonates to his Grandfather's Orthodoxy and is challenged by his older brother's scientism. Al has other conflicts: being accepted by his Irish-American fourth grade teacher, dealing with the class bully who dislikes him because he's fat and Jewish, escaping his over-protective mother and trying to make sense of his family and the world. While he daydreams about Native Americans in nearby Crotona Park, he meets an African-American classmate whose grandfather is an Apache survivor of his tribe's 1890 Florida imprisonment. Besides the serious themes, we witness the mishaps at the Christmas and Chanukah plays and the Bronx Bombers winning the 1938 World Series. In his struggles, Al enlists the help of the 1930's comic strip and radio heroes (e.g., Superman, Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, as well as Biblical characters (e.g., Noah, Abraham, Moses and God) to confront formidable enemies: the school bully, the immigration police, Adolph Hitler, Death and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jacob Jaffe, in addition to writing, is a psychologist working with today's immigrant families. He has taught at Columbia and the City Universities.
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[book] LOUISA by Simone Zelitch
September 2000. Hardcover - 384 pages. An updated story of Naomi and Ruth, although Naomi is addicted to tobacco. The year is 1949 and Nora, a prickly, strong-willed survivor of the Holocaust, has just walked off the boat in Haifa with her German daughter-in-law, Louisa. Nora expects to be met by her cousin Bela, a Zionist and war hero she has loved since they were children. But Bela fails to appear, and the women enter an absorption camp for immigrants to await an uncertain future. How will they fit into a society that does not believe in looking back? Louisa, the daughter of Nazi parents, proves a genius at self-invention-in many ways the perfect Israeli. Nora is neither heroic nor optimistic, yet she has no other home. When rumors swirl around the camp, she responds with a cranky and ironic distance that rises like a wall of barbed wire. What is she protecting behind that wall? The past, and its secrets.
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[book] BLUE by Benjamin Zucker
June 2000. Putnam. Zucker, Harvard lawyer, and an expert of jewelry, and maybe jewry, crafts a novel modeled after a page of Talmud, in which the story appears in the center of the page, and "composed commentaries" by Jewish scholars, Vermeer, Modigliani, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Claude Monet, Bobby Fischer, Chief Crazy Horse, Elie Wiesel, Bob Dylan, classical scholars, and others appear in the margins. Okay, that is the concept, but what is the story? Dosha, a young artist, seeks advice from Abraham Tal. Tal (dew) counsels you how to change your life (for $1), or to change your life back to what it was ($2). He is also a merchant of diamonds. Dosha wants to find out how to get her boyfriend, Raphael Fisher, to propose and marry. Tal has girlfriend problems of his own. Each page is followed by a page of art. Click to read more.
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[book] The Journey of Adam Kadmon by Leslie Stein
Summer 2000. It's WWII, it's Poland, it's India. Professor Moses Aarons is becoming obsessed with the Zohar (Jewish mysticism) as he becomes unglued and sexually dysfunctional. He corresponds with Jung. On a trip to Poland back from Switzerland, Aarons meets Seth Tripathi, a Franciscan Monk, on his way to India. After the Nazi's invade Poland, Aarons flees to India, finds Seth, and together they wander India in a Jungian dream allegory.
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[book] Teitlebaum's Window by Wallace Markfield
Paperback - 387 pages From the author of the book upon which Bye Bye Braverman was based. This is his latest novel. A spectacular, lavishly comic send-up of every solemn Jewish family saga ever written. Simon Sloan records this story of growing up in Brooklyn in his "Journal-Diary." He takes the reader through the 1930s and 1940s as he interacts with the people in his life: Clare, Maxine, and Helene, the women with whom he spends his adolescence; Malvena, his mother who was so consumed with motherhood that she ate certain foods to enrich the flavor of her milk; Teitlebaum, the kosher deli owner in whose window Simon and the reader are informed of the various happenings of the times. A huge, extravagantly real and comic and life-embracing novel.
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[book] Better Than Gold : An Immigrant Family's First Years in Brooklyn (Jewish Heritage Books) by Fannie and David Silver
Hardcover - 250 pages (April 1998).
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[bookcover] SUMMER'S HOUSE by Eric Gabriel Lehman.
Hardcover 384 Pages, St Martins (June 8, 2000). A Summer novel. Raymond, a cerebral 17 year old, decides to fall in love or at least the idea of being in love over the Summer, as his parent's marriage fails (his father cheats, but his mother doesn't think good Jews get divorced), and his mother flies off to Israel for a six week vacation. His Uncle Lester (the wise-son of passover, as opposed to Uncle Alfred, the wise-assed son) is tormented by a failing gourmet foods business and his wife's obscene caller. Jerome, 25, a struggling poet, is obsessed with the woman he met in a mental hospital, Agatha, who threw him out when he discovered her past and recorded her life in journals which Raymond reads. These three lives collide and intersect one hot New York City summer in the disco era. Click to read more reviews of this book.
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[book] BEE SEASON: A Novel. by Myla Goldberg
Hardcover - 304 pages (June 2000) Doubleday.
Already in its fifth printing ! Watch for her tour of 20 JCC's in the Fall.
From the moment I picked up this novel, I kept thinking "four men entered the garden, and only one returned unscathed...." Jewish book reading groups should keep this in mind; This will be a must read.
Maryland born, funky accordionist for the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Oberlin grad, and first time Brooklyn novelist, Myla Goldberg, mixes Jewish family dynamics, adolescence, a national spelling bee, Reconstructionist synagogue life, mysticism, and the writings of Rabbi Avraham Abulafia, the Kabbalist, into a witty, extraordinary, and compelling story about nine year old Eliza Naumann's quest for family status. Goldberg, an artsy girl who never fit into her science-oriented family, found the trauma of the spelling bee an excellent metaphor for the pressures of children, self-imposed pressure and the pressures from their parents. A successful and driven couple, Saul and Miriam, wonder why Eliza, an average, quiet nine year old, is not excelling in school like her older brother Aaron. Will she be tracked into the "dummies" classes forever? Is she really their daughter if she isn't a genius? But then she sweeps her class, school, district, and state spelling bees. Saul, a cantor and self-taught student of Jewish mysticism, who ignored Eliza up to this point, now invests his time into coaching her. He focuses on Eliza at the expense of his formerly annointed prodigal son, Aaron. Now only she is allowed into the inner sanctum, or garden, of his study. She is a mystical prodigy. Now Aaron loses faith. Aaron, who can recite the service by heart, who is a searcher for a repeat epiphany, no longer plays the synagogue game of "sheep" to see who will sit down first during the silent Amidah prayers. Then he meets a man in a park. This book is filled with so many insights into current Jewish life, even down to the Aaron's hilarious belief that most of the Hebrew illiterate congregation can be praying "a Doctor Seuss story" for all they know. Oh, I can tell no more; if I only had Eliza and Miriam's powers of concentration. Click to read more.
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[book] THE HUMAN STAIN by Philip Roth
Hardcover - 352 pages (May 17, 2000). Roth at his best, straddling two worlds, layers upon layers, concealed identities, narrated by Nathan Zuckerman. What do we really know about the person next to us? What is it that everyone knows? What can be known? The story of Coleman Silk, a 71 year old distinguished professor, who is accused, falsely, of racism against 2 black students who didn't show up for class (he asked, "Does anyone know these people? Do they exist or are they spooks?"). Silk is attacked for having a Viagra-induced affair with a 34 year old illiterate, poor, abused, suffering, part-time school janitor and milk-maid, Faunia Farley. (Is it exploitive? Is it like a presidential - intern liaison?) But Silk is actually a light skinned black man who has shed his SKIN and has been passing as JEWISH all these years. But is he the only imposter? Will anyone defend him after he was such a controversial administrator? Et tu Brute? Click to read more.
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[bookcover] Ravelstein by Saul Bellow,
Hardcover - 224 pages (April 24, 2000). What happens to famous American Jewish novelists as they age and face death? Can we only truly know a person when they are dead, since they can no longer keep up their appearances?
A semi-fictitious story about one of Bellow's friends, Allan Bloom. The book's character, Abe Ravelstein, is a brilliant professor at a prominent Midwestern university and a man who glories in training the movers and shakers of the political world. He has lived grandly and ferociously-and much beyond his means, for through materialism one can gain the essense of insight and sensual pleasure. His close friend Chick has suggested that he write a book of his convictions about the ideas which sustain humankind, or kill it, (gee, just like professor Bloom of Chicago) and much to Ravelstein's own surprise he does and becomes a millionaire. Ravelstein suggests in turn that Chick write a memoir of him, and during the course of a celebratory trip to Paris the two share thoughts on mortality, philosophy and history, loves and friends old and new, and old suits. The mood turns more somber once they have returned to the US and Ravelstein succumbs to AIDS and Chick himself nearly dies. Click to read more reviews of this book.
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[book] The Barbarians Are Coming by David Wong Louie
Hardcover - 384 pages (March 6, 2000). The critically acclaimed Asian American author of PANGS OF LOVE, tells the funny, yet painful, tale of Sterling Lung, who instead of becoming a physician in the late 1970's, as his parents hope, becomes a celebrity chef. What makes the story Jewish, you ask?? Because it is a story of non-assimilation, about the rift between self and society and parents, oh, and of course, Sterling dates and marries BLISS, a well-off Jewish woman. Click to read more.
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[bookcover] Rodinsky's Room by Rachel Lichtenstein and Iain Sinclair
GRANTA (May 2000). David Rodinsky lived above a synagogue in the heart of the old Jewish East End of London. Fluent in several languages, he was the caretaker for the shul and a kabbalist. Sometime in the late sixties he disappeared. His room, a chaos of writings, annotated books and maps, gramophone records and clothes, was left undisturbed for twenty years. Rodinsky's world captured the imagination of a young artist, Rachel Lichtenstein, whose grandparents had escaped Poland in the thirties, and over a period of years she began to document the bizarre collection of artifacts that were found in his room, and make installations using images from his enigmatic bequest. She became obsessed with this mysterious man: Who was he? Where did he come from? Where did he go? Was he a crazy man? Was he bizarre? Now Lichtenstein and Iain Sinclair have written an extraordinary book that weaves together Lichenstein's quest for Rodinsky, as well as Georgian London, and the working class Jewish East End. Part mystery story, part memoir, part travelogue, Rodinsky's Room is a testament to a world that has all but vanished and the celebration of the life of a unique man. CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED IN THE U.K. Click to read more reviews of this book.

[book] Pure Poetry: A Novel by Binnie Kirshenbaum
Hardcover - 192 pages (March 2000) Simon & Schuster. Lila Moscowitz, the Jewish-American heroine of Binnie Kirshenbaum's novel, is a witty mess, married to a German who's parents were Nazi's. She lies her head off, bribes little kids with candy, writes smutty poems in highly rigid forms, and advises students in her poetry class not to read books. She overdramatizes everything that happens to her, avoids her true feelings, and whips up a frenzy of neuroses at the drop of a zipper. In other words, she's like most people you know. She is addicted to sex, but when she leaves her sexy husband, she gets blocked. Click to read more.
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[book] THE LAST JEW by Noah Gordon
An historical novel set during the Inquisition. At age 13, Yonah Helkias, hides out in Spain rather than fleeing. He works in a variety of jobs, witnesses the execution of Dr. Bernardo Espina (a converso), and trains to be an armor maker. Along the way, he seeks revenge, fights criminals and persecutors, and finds love.
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[book] THE LADIES' AUXILIARY: A Novel by Tova Mirvis
352 pages (October 1999) WWNorton. A tale told in third person plural ("we, the auxiliary"). A tale is a society that is unchanging, or so it thinks... This is Tova's first novel and it is highly anticipated. It resides in the intersection of Kaaterskill Falls and the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Tova, aged 27, was raised in a Yiddish speaking Orthodox household in Memphis Tennessee, y'all. She is a sixth generation Memphisite (1872). She now resides in Memphis on the Hudson... New York City (and yes, she is married and has a bambino). This book recreates Southern Orthodox Jewish life that can be both warm yet suffocating, sensitive yet insular. The protagonist in this novel is a 34 year old Jewish woman named Batsheva Jacobs. A blonde convert to Judaism, she is a widowed painter with a five year old daughter, Ayala. Batsheva dresses smartly, sings loudly in shul, starts a women's Rosh Hodesh prayer group, and washes at the mikva. These things are just not done in Memphis. She lets her art students wear makeup. And then there is a rumor that Mimi Rubin's boy, the Rabbi's son, "notices" Batsheva. Batsheva's approach to spirituality and her role divides the community and embroils it in a fight for its soul and mission. The book imparts a feeling of what it is like to be on the inside, confront a force that may change the community. Click to read more. By the way, Tova developed the idea for this novel after having coffee with a friend from North Carolina who had converted to Judaism. The lovely, boisterous Ashland native asked, gee, what would it be like if I moved to Memphis and joined your synagogue.
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[book] GATES OF EDEN by Ethan Coen
Paperback. Yes, Oscar winning filmmaker Ethan Coen of the Coen Brothers gives us this offbeat, funny, disturbing, quirky collection of stories, like the one about the Minneapolis mob; one about a deaf private investigator; a story about a young student at Hebrew school and the Torah study class bully. Click to read more.
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[book] By the way, for those fans of Anita Diamant's, The Red Tent will be happy to know that it is selling very very well. Published in 1997, it sold about 11,000 hardcover copies. It was then issued as a paperback starting in the Fall of 1998; and this first novel has been building sales by word of mouth, to the point that it is now in its FIFTH printing, and has sold nearly 100,000 copies. It is a top selection of so many Jewish book reading groups (maybe because Mickey Perlman loved it, and the publisher sent a free copy to 500 Reform Rabbis, and 300 female Ministers). Rabbi Laurie Katz Braun has written a study guide for this book (click here to read it). Diamant is currently working on a second novel about female relationships.

[book] Giving Up America by Pearl Abraham
Paperback - 320 pages (September 1999).
This is Pearl Abraham's second book. It is about the loss of faith that complements the collapse of a marriage. Deena Binet grew up in a Hasidic household. Deena stays behind in the USA as her family returns to Israel, and snags a job in advertising and loves the pop materialistic culture. Although her family disapproves, she marries Daniel, an Orthodox (non Hasidic) Jew. (but the sum of the names of the bride and groom in gematria equal "pain"). Seven years later we find the marriage collapsing -- like a seven year itch, when Daniel can't keep it in his pants. Click to read more about the story line.
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Click here to check out Pearl Abraham's highly acclaimed first novel, THE ROMANCE READER, about Rachel, a romance reader and the oldest of seven children, is only 12 as the novel opens and grows into a 19-year-old married woman in the course of the novel.

[book] The Slow Way Back by Judy Goldman
Hardcover - 240 pages (August 1999) Morrow. Click to read more reviews of this book. This is a story about three generations of sisters in a Jewish family in the Carolinas. It's a story about a family secret, how there really are no secrets in families, only subjects people secretly decide not to talk about. It's a story about belonging.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Zwilling's Dream : A Novel by Ross Feld
Hardcover - 304 pages (September 1999)
Author, Ross Feld of Cincinnati, has been a Macdowell and NEA grants recipient. Okay, enuf nachas, now on to the novel... Joel Zwilling, only 22, is a literary wunderkind. Just before Joel's story about a writer who is crippled by grief appears, Joel's wife and daughter are killed in a car accident. His young son survives, and Joel is crippled with writer's block. Over the next 20 years, Joel remarries, teaches college, and is eclipsed by the literary success of his son, Nate, whose own youthful writing success in NYC has given him the confidence to hope for big things. Thus Nate is astounded- and jealous - when his father, Joel, is approached by Brian Herkow, a hack of a film director who has gotten a "Holocaust foundation" grant. Brian, who has his own traumas, wants to capture Joel's first novel, about growing up as a child of Holocaust survivors, on film. Brian and his sensual assistant, Selva Tashjian (who has deep secrets, and a penchant for relations with married men), arrive in Cincinnati for pre-production work, bedevilling father, wife and son. Watch out.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] The Wholeness of a Broken Heart by Katie Singer
Hardcover - 336 pages (October 1999). Singer tells this compelling, contemporary mother-daughter love story in all its intimacy, anger, and tzurris across four generations of Jewish women, from the Litvak shtetl and Cossack rape, to the Holocaust, immigration to New York City, to the princess life in suburban Shaker Heights / Cleveland, Ohio. This could easily become a theater piece; I can see Anna Deveare Smith (Fires in The Mirror) doing all the roles (or Ms. SINger herself). But until she does, buy this book and let the characters come alive in your mind. To read more, please click.
Click here to BUY this book for a 20 - 30% discount from its list price

[book] Ice Fire Water: A Leib Goldkorn Cocktail by Leslie Epstein
Hardcover - 288 pages (October 1999) Norton. In this triptych, we meet Leib Goldkorn, age 97 and living on NYC's Upper West Side. As his health deteriorates, he narrates this novel and cares of his ailing, bedridden wife, Claire. The humorous novel is divided into three sections: Ice, Fire, and Water. In Ice, Austrian-born, Jewish, Goldkorn reminisces about how he tried to convince Finnish Sonja Henie to avoid Hitlerism at the 1936 Olympic Games. How he survived Kristallnacht (in Paris). He mistakenly foils the plot of his sister to kill Hitler, but does get him a ticket to Hollywood when Daryl Zanuck calls for him. In Fire, Goldkorn recounts his adventures, or romantic misadventures, with Carmen Miranda and the conductor Arturo Toscanini. Had Leib only been able to mount his opera production, Hitler may have fallen. But at least he saves Esther Williams from a tribe of man, or woman, eaters. In Water, Leib, having survived the war when his family didn't, embarks on an attempted rescue of a porn star he believes is being held prisoner. And then there is the part about that ice queen... the book reviewer for the New York Times, Michiko Kakutani. That's a Finnish name isn't it?
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.
CLICK HERE FOR Goldkorn Tales: Three Novellas by Leslie Epstein.
CLICK HERE FOR KING OF THE JEWS by Leslie Epstein... (P.S. -- Sorry, but the Steinway Quintet is probably out of print.)

[book] Just Revenge. A novel, by Alan M. Dershowitz, Esq.
Hardcover - 352 pages (September 1999) WarnerBooks. A book full of moral questions, intricate plot twists, and clever legal arguments. Max Menuchen is an elderly, quiet scholar who saw his pregnant wife, son and family murdered in Vilna, Lithuania, in 1942. His dying grandfather implored Max to seek revenge. Max survives, moves to America, becomes successful. Then one day, Max discovers that the former Nazi who killed his family, Marcelus Prandus, is living near Harvard Law School and is dying of a terminal illness. If Max tries to get the government to prosecute Marcelus as a war criminal, the trial would take years. Max decides to terrorize Marcelus, who ends up taking his own life. Is Max responsible? Is he liable? Enter Defense Lawyer, Abe Ringel, who you may remember from The Advocate's Devil ($5.20).
Click here to BUY this book or to add your own review

[book] The Cross by Day, Mezuzzah by Night by Deborah Spector Siegel
Reading level: YOUNG ADULT Hardcover (July 1999) Jewish Publication Society. The Cross by Day, the Mezuzzah by Night is the thrilling and gritty young adult novel that captures the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition, and the strength and determination of one young girl to preserve her family and culture at any cost. This young marrano Jewess escapes from the long arms of the Spanish Inquisition in 1492. It portrays a tough unflinching life in Seville during the start of the Inquisition in that infamous year of Jewish Expulsion. Booklist called it "a commanding novel...related with suspense, emotion, and lasting impact." This book is based on a decade's worth of research that Kansas City-born Ms. Siegel conducted at Spertus in Chicago.
Click here to BUY this book at 30% discount from its list price or to read more about it

[book] Two Suns in the Sky by Miriam Bat-Ami
Reading level: YOUNG ADULT Hardcover - 208 pages (May 1999). A novel set during WWII, a family of Yugoslavian Jews residing in Rome. Rome is liverated by the Allies in 1944, and 1,000 refugees are sent to a refugee camp in upstate New York (Oswego, NY, not Rome NY). It is there that Adam Bornstein, who is cautious from his experiences, meets Chris Cook, a bored, intelligent, Catholic local girl. Will a passionate romance ensue? Of course.
Click here to BUY this book at 30% discount from its list price or to read more about it

[book] The Inn at Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman
Paperback - 253 pages (May 1999). Click to read more about this absorbing novel about what happens when a Jewish family confronts WASP ones at Lake Devine.
Click here to BUY this book at 30% discount from its list price or to read more about it

[book] For the Relief of Unbearable Urges: Stories by Nathan Englander
30% OFF LIST PRICE. April 1999, Knopf, Hardcover - 256 pages. This is a DEBUT collection of nine stories, and already the book has been reviewed everywhere of importance and sales have skyrocketed. Englander, who reportedly received a $350K advance from Knopf, grew up in an Orthodox family on New York's Long Island, and now resides in Jerusalem. The stories all deal with fickle fate. Englander, whose long hair conjure up images of Rambo or Shimshon, may be the newest Malamud, Cheever, or Roth! Maybe the newest I. B. Singer. Maybe you've seen his pieces in The New Yorker? The stories focus on Jewish characters living around the world. Some are tragic, others comic. In one story a group of Polish Jews board a passenger train instead of the cattle car bound for Auschwitz. They are mistaken for tumbling acrobats who are to perform for soldiers. Does a reader laugh or cry? Another story is set in a taxi on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, another in Jerusalem, and another in the USSR under Stalin. In the Soviet story, a young writer is imprisoned, creates the greatest story he has every originated, but in a few hours he will probably be killed by a firing squad. What about the bearded rabbi who gets a job each year playing Santa? This is a great collection. Buy it!
Click here to BUY this book at 30% discount from its list price or to read more about it

[book] Run Catch Kiss: A Gratifying Novel by Amy Sohn
Hardcover - 256 pages (July 1999) Simon & Schuster. Amy Sohn, 25, is a Hadassah poster girl, the quintessential intelligent, sexy, literate, assertive, self-promoting, romantic Jewish woman. She may be familiar to New Yorkers as the NY Press "Female Trouble" columnist. Or if you went to Brown University, you may remember her from when she spoke out against anti-Semitism during her valedictory speech (her mother and her grandmother are Brown alums). Her book is intended for all of us who read the Sunday wedding announcements of our tribemen in The New York Times, and imagine how ours will be crafted; or those who sit in parks, bars, cafes, or synagogues and wonder with whom we are going to fall in love. The main character in this novel is a 22 year old named Ariel Steiner (same initials as the author). She, like the author, writes a column for a New York tabloid, a column that revolves around sex and relationships. The character Ariel is seeking her sexy and Jewish man. The book is filled with explicit sexual intercourse and wild relationships. As Amy Sohn wrote, "Some guys want to date Ariel so they can be written about, but others run the other way out of fear that Ariel will diminish their capacities. Her nice Jewish parents, Leo and Carol, who live in the city, too, read the column and totally wig out - because how many parents really want to know what their kids are up to horizontally?" What can I say, If you have a book group, put Amy's book on your list. Click to read more reviews of Amy's book.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith by Gina Barkhordar-Nahai
Hardcover - 384 pages (1999) Gina B. Nahai lives in Los Angeles and is a lecturer in Persian/Jewish history. This, her second novel, is a magical-realism book about family and love, destiny and choice in the Tehran Jewish ghetto and in modern Los Angeles. The main character is Roxanna, who at age 8 is told that she carries bad luck, and is thus given to Alexandra, an eccentric Russian refugee. When Alexandra dies, Roxanna flees the ghetto, but finds herself trapped by love in a house on the "Avenue of Faith." Roxanna marries Sohrab in order to be close to his father, whom she really loves. When their affair is discovered, shes kept a prisoner in the house, and in desperation runs away. Click to read more extensive details on the story.
Click here to read more about it, see the cover art, to review it, or to purchase it from Amazon (net proceeds are donated to charity)
Click here for information on her first novel, The Cry of The Peacock.

A HREF=" ">[book] THE CHOSEN By Chaim Potok
Still selling strongly.
Click here to purchase THE CHOSEN by Chaim Potok or to read more about it
Click here to purchase THE PROMISE by Chaim Potok or to read more about it
Click here to purchase THE BOOK OF LIGHTS by Chaim Potok or to read more about it
Click here to purchase DAVITA'S HARP by Chaim Potok or to read more about it
Click here to purchase THE GIFT OF ASHER LEV by Chaim Potok or to read more about it
Click here to purchase MY NAME IS ASHER LEV by Chaim Potok or to read more about it (Not to be confused with the song by Eminem)



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