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Pages of Books With Themes of Jewish Renewal
(click on a listing for more information, reviews, or to purchase it TAX FREE and up to 50% off).

[book] These Are My Words: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life by Rabbi Arthur Green
Hardcover - 200 pages. Jewish Lights (Sept 1999). Arthur Green's new book explores 149 (not 148) fundamental Hebrew words at the heart of Judaism, giving each word life and purpose for modern lives. It is a spiritual vocabulary list that can be used as a reference work. He welcomes the reader to write comments in the margins, agree and or disagree with his definitions. As he says, Judaism doesnt work in translation, and serious study and commitment to Judaism requires a basic vocabulary. Green, a non Kabbalistic, neo mystic; distinguished professor, teacher, and former head of RRC, began keeping a list of words while working on another book, and the list kept growing. The words are divided into eight sections. Some of the sections are: "Holy Times/Holy Seasons"; "Holy Names"; "Holy Things"; "God and The Worlds Above"; "Community"; "Religious Practice"; "Spiritual Life"; and "Torah: Text and Process." Words that are explained include the basics that are infused with greater meaning, such as Atah (You), Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Elohim (God), Emet (Truth), Ein Sof, Halacha, Emunah (Faith), Kaddish, Shekhinah, and Ber'iah (Creation). Click for more information.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Jewish Matters by Doron Kornbluth (Editor)
Paperback - 158 pages (July 1999) Targum Press. In this lightweight, pocket-size book, twenty-three Jewish leaders, thinkers, and educators offer their insights and knowledge on topics as varied as relationships, prayer, mysticism and happiness. These are twenty-three essays worth reading--because being Jewish matters. The publisher writes, "Jewish Matters advertises itself using the slogan "helping you put content into continuity" and it doesn't fall short - this delightful collection on Jewish life and Jewish beliefs is one of the best Jewish education tools produced in recent years. It is attractive, well-written and extremely informative - readers will find a wealth of information contained in a small, well-organized anthology. Subjects include God, Antisemitism, Jewish contribution to civilization, Jewish perspectives on relationships and marriage, Shabbat, rationales for keeping Kosher, Jewish education and much more. Authors form an impressive list from around the world. Essays range from rational to mystical to funny. Excellent for teenagers all the way through to seniors. It is an extremely enjoyable read."
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[bookcover] Torah of the Earth : Exploring 4,000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thought by Rabbi Arthur Ocean Waskow (Editor)
Paperback (June 2000) Jewish Lights Publishing. Exhaustive Eco-Judaism in 2 volumes. Jewish Renewal leader and rabbi, Arthur O Waskow, edits 39 articles by 32 scholars (including Heschel, Norman Lamm (YU), Erich Fromm) in this comprehensive anthology on Torah and Environmental Ecology. Click to read more reviews of this book.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] The Language of Truth: The Torah Commentary of Sefat Emet by Judah Aryeh Leib Alter (The Gerrer Rebbe), translated by Dr. Arthur Green (Translator)
Hardcover - 408 pages. JPS. Professor/Rabbi Arthur Green, of Penn, RRC, JTS, and Brandeis, to name a few, scholar and specialist in Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav, has translated the Sfat Emes by the Gerrer Rebbe. I picked this up while preparing a dvar torah in the Spring of 1999, and was drawn to the Gerrer's excellent commentaries of Torah. A fascinating translation of the rabbi's writings.
Click here to order this book from, read more reviews, or to add your own review.

[book] Essential Judaism : A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs and Rituals by George Robinson
Pocket Books, March 2000. A valuable one volume guide to Jewish practice. Robinson wrote it to be a one source comprehensive source to Jewish practice. Robinson, a product of Long Island, grew up as a Reform Jew, but his family broke with their synagogue, Temple Sinai of Cedarhurst, over the firing of a beloved rabbi. Robinson abandoned religious life after that and went off to college. He did not return to organized Jewish life until he read Paul Cowan's An Orphan In History and faced his father's decline from Alzheimers. Click for more information.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Finding a Spiritual Home: How a New Generation of Jews Can Transform the American Synagogue by Sidney Schwarz
Hardcover - 256 pages (May 2000) Jossey-Bass Publishers. Rabbi Schwarz, founder of the Wash DC Institute for Jwish Leadership and Values accuses the suburban synagogue of bagels and blocks and torah and tots focuses, and proposes a new synagogue that reaches out to boomers (the BJ model, the Riverdale HI model, the Adat Shalom model, the Beth El / Sudbury model). Yes, but how many charismatic rabbi's are out there?? Click for more information.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] With Roots in Heaven : The Journey of a Renegade Rabbi by Tirzah Firestone
($25 before discount) Hardcover - 352 pages (September 1998) E P Dutton. A lot of books come by my desk each season, and I approached this book lacking any great interest. But after the first few pages I was actually addicted. If an autobiography can be called suspenseful, this one is. This book scores as both a primer in spirituality and the story of a woman who flees her Orthodox upbringing in Saint Louis, studies New Age and eastern religions, marries a Christian minister, but then returns to her roots to study for the rabbinate. Rabbi Firestone, a colleague of Rabbi Zalman Schecter-Shalomi, is now a leader in the Jewish Renewal movement, and serves the Jewish communities of Boulder Colorado and the Intermountain area. I will try not to ruin the suspense of the book's story, but suffice it to say the following: The book opens when Rabbi Firestone, born Miriam Firestone in Saint Louis, walks into a Miami hotel for the wedding of her niece. Her brothers, sisters, and mother will be there; some of whom she has not seen in decades, some of whom view her as dead! We must wait for the epilogue to discover what happens at the hotel. Between this intro and the epilogue, we follow Tirzah and her family and friends as she yearns for and seeks out spiritual connections, and desires to learn her bashert in life. She must realize the true path of her heart and discover the inverted tree that descends from the heavens. Along the way we learn why New Age and Eastern religions have been so enticing to Jewish youth, we meet Jew-Bhu's, Hin-Jews, and gurus. The late Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach, a cousin to Tirzah, even makes an appearance in the book, as do beautiful people and seekers of all religions, as well as rogue and manipulative gurus and rabbis. Regretably, her honest portraits of some of the Orthodox leaders she meets along the way brings shame upon some in our community. It took a troubled Christian minister to help Tirzah realize that what she sought could be found in her birth religion of Judaism and in the writings of Heschel, Buber, and the Lurianic Kabbalists. I think readers will try to read faster only to find out in each succeeding chapter what will happen to Tirzah. How will she react to her family's belief that her older brother's suicide was due to a faulty mezuzah? Like Jonah, will she survive a sailing ordeal on the Pacific with a racist rabbi? Will her marriage kill her parents? Will she learn to trust her own heart and break her need to follow strong male spiritual leaders? Can she overcome her personal issues and fear of reconnecting with organized religion? Who is that Yiddish jokester inner voice that saves her in many instances? Surely, this book should be a contender for the Jewish Book Award. This book may actually change some of leader's opinions on officiating at intermarriages in the future.
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] Down-To-Earth Judaism: Food, Money, Sex, and the Rest of Life. by Arthur Waskow, Judith Hankin (Illustrator)
($15) Paperback - 416 pages (April 1997) William Morrow & Co. Waskow divides his book into the categories of food, money, sex, and the rest of life--rest as in resting, reposing, and reflecting. Waskow examines new ways to understand Judaism and apply its spiritual meaning to daily life.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price or to read more about it

[book] Seasons of Our Joy : A Modern Guide to the Jewish Holidays by Arthur I. Waskow, Martin Farren, Joan Benjamin-Farren, Joan Benjamin Farren
($16) Paperback - 245 pages Reissue edition (September 1991) Beacon Pr. Provides new insights into the Jewish calendar and holidays
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Tales of Tikkun: New Jewish Stories to Heal the Wounded World by Phyllis Ocean Berman and Arthur Ocean Waskow
Paperback - 150 pages (November 1996) Jason Aronson
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Godwrestling, Round 2: Ancient Wisdom, Future Paths by Arthur Waskow
($11) Paperback - 352 pages (July 1998) Jewish Lights Pub
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Becoming Brothers by Howard Waskow and Arthur Waskow
Hardcover - 218 pages (May 1993). Free Press. Hey, it is never too late to reconnect with a sibling. Two brothers--one a family therapist (Howard), the other head of the Center for Jewish Renewal in Philadelphia (Arthur)--come to terms with their past and present relationship. Despite a loving mother's constant plea to "be close to your brother above all!," the Waskows have felt overriding anger and resentment toward each other throughout most of their lives. Click to read more.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

Need more Jewish Renewal??
Check out Aleph - The Alliance for Jewish Renewal.
It is a non-denominational organization dedicated to applying the ancient wisdom of our tradition to the creation of a spiritually meaningful Judaism for our time. It also works closely with The Elat Chayim Retreat Center.
Learn more by clicking THIS

[book] The Power of Hope : The One Essential of Life and Love by Rabbi Maurice Lamm
Paperback - 176 pages (July 1997). A guide, full of wisdom and compassion, offers directions that lead to spiritual survival, as an experienced inspirational counselor relates case histories and personal experiences that confirm the power of hope. Click to read more about this book.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Living Torah in America by Rabbi Maurice Lamm, and William Cutter
Hardcover - 182 pages (October 1996). As they say in the biz, Drekh haTov, the Good Path, the good way... discusses Orthodox Judaism as it is manifested in daily life, covering such aspects as eating, work, family, and the Torah. Click to read more about this book.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Yiddishe Kop: Creative Problem Solving in Jewish Learning, Lore, and Humor by Rabbi Nilton Bonder
Paperback - 112 pages (July 1999). The fourth translated book from the American trained, South American rabbi, Nilton Bonder, the author of The Kabbalah of Envy, The Kabbalah of Food, and the Kabbalah of Money. The title says it all. Using parables, tales, and Yiddish humor, Bonder shows us the hidden truths. Click to read more.
Click here to read more about it, see the cover art, to review it, or to purchase it from Amazon (net proceeds are donated to charity)

[book] Spiritual Life, A Jewish Feminist Journey by Merle Feld.
Hardcover - 264 pages (April 1999). A unique memoir that interweaves poetry, narrative, meditation, and social history, A Spiritual Life explores the complex facets of a Jewish woman's spiritual coming-of-age, capturing the emotional and spiritual reality of contemporary Jews as well as religious seekers of all types. From the experiences of early childhood, to the spiritual awakening of a secular adolescent encountering Jewish tradition, to the alternately funny and searing tales of new-found independence, early married life, young motherhood, and midlife, Feld comments with remarkable honesty and clarity on the many stages of spiritual and artistic exploration and growth. Includes poems on the high holy days, prayer, and menstruation. Click to read more.
Click here to BUY the book for a discount from or to read additional recommendations

[book] The Gentle Weapon: Prayers for Everyday and Not-so Everyday Moments by Moshe Mykoff, S. C. Mizrahi, and of course, Nahman Likute Moharan, Breslov research inst. and Rebbe Nachman
Paperback - 128 pages Deluxe edition (June 1999) Jewish Lights Publishing. The Hassidic master, Rabbi Nahman of Breslov (1772-1810), knew alot about suffering and illness, prayer and spirituality. This is an inspiring collection of his prayers, addressing topics such as action, words, feelings, thoughts, and will. Click to read more.
Click here to read more about it, see the cover art, to review it, or to purchase it from Amazon (net proceeds are donated to charity)

[book] The Jew in the Lotus : A Poet's Rediscovery of Jewish Identity in Buddhist India by Rodger Kamenetz
$13 before discount. Paperback - 320 pages Reprint edition (May 1995)Harper San Francisco. The most discussed Jewish book of the Nineties. Did you ever wonder why over 50% of the non-Asian Buddhists in North America are of Jewish heritage (jew-Bu's, Jubu's), or why the leaders of many of the Eastern religions in America were also born Jewish? Lit professor and poet, Rodger Kamenetz gives his readers the fly-on-the- wall account of the trip eight Jewish leaders and teachers took a few years ago to visit and make a presentation to the exiled Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama wanted to learn how Judaism survived in exile (Tibetan Buddhists are also in exile), and some leaders wanted to see what Bhuddism was offering their children. Is Judaism lacking certain elements, or are they just hidden in the closet?
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Messengers of God: A Jewish Prophets' Who's Who by Ronald Isaacs
Hardcover - 288 pages (September 1998) Aronson Pub. A lively overview of the Prohets, their lives and works, as well as a explanation of what is prophecy. Also a discussion of who the later writers and sages incorporated the writings of the prophets into their works.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Stalking Elijah: Adventures With Today's Jewish Mystical Masters by Rodger Kamenetz
$22 before discount. Hardcover - 384 pages (October 1997) Harper San Francisco. So you return from India after visiting the Dalai Lama. What do you do for an encore? How about another book? In Stalking Elijah, Rodger Kamenetz searches out and interviews Judaism's living mystics and spiritual teachers, many of whom are hidden away from normative Judaism. He shows the reader that they don't have to travel to India in search of enlightenment. It's available in Judaism if you know where to look. WINNER OF THE JEWISH BOOK AWARD.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price
Click here to BUY the PAPERBACK edition in the Fall 1998

[book] Becoming a Jew by Maurice Lamm
Hardcover - 462 pages (December 1991). The author of the highly popular and widely quoted Jewish Way in Death and Mourning and Jewish Way in Love and Marriage now offers a work designed expressly for non-Jews who are contemplating converting, for those who have already converted, and for Jews by birth who wish to gain insight into their heritage. It is a very clear and supportive book. Click to read more about this book.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Culture
Paperback - 416 pages (January 1999). This is an excellent introductory book, even though the title has the word idiot in it. It is actually written by a respected Rabbi from YU. The "Complete Idiot's Guide" contains easy-to-follow coverage of all of Jewish history, including profiles of Biblical, religious, and political leaders, such as Abraham, Moses, King David, and Golda Meir. Click to read more about this book.
Click here to BUY this book for 20% OFF its list price

[book] Sex, God and Women of the Bible: Discovering Our Sensual, Spiritual Selves by Shoni Labowitz
($23 before discount) Hardcover - 320 pages (October 1998) Simon & Schuster. Rabbi Shoni Labowitz of Congregation Adath-Or in Fort Lauderdale reinterprets the bible stories about women and shows us how we can connect with the divine during the stages of menarche, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. She selects eight characters in various stages of their female lives and sexuality. The include Eve, Leah, Rachel, Jochebed, Miriam, Devorah, a widow, and Naomi. She raises intriguing questions about our current translations. For example, why is Miriam's name, Mara, translated as "bitter" instead of the other translation, "to soar, to fly"?
Click here to BUY this book for 30% OFF its list price

[book] One God Clapping: The Spiritual Path of a Zen Rabbi by Rabbi Alan Lew and Sherril Jaffe
Hardcover - 320 pages (August 1999) Kodansha. Whenever I am in San Francisco, that City by the Bay, I leave my heart at Beth Shalom, the friendliest shul West of Nevada. Rabbi Alan Lew, the popular Rabbi of San Francisco's Congregation Beth Shalom discusses his rich Brooklyn youth, his family's move to the vacuous and anti_semitic 'burbs of Westchester, his studies at Penn, his marriage, his move into Zen and ten years in monastic contemplation to fulfill his spiritual yearnings, and his return to Judaism and the rabbinate. Who else do you know who traveled alone from Penn to DC for the March on Washington, but left right before Rev. Dr. M. L. King gave his "Free At Last" speech, because he thought he should call a friend at a pay phone to tell her that he wouldn't be able to make it for dinner? This is the story of his integration of the East with the West. And to think, what he could have been had his ill-gotten Everlast Boxer shorts and gloves not been stolen. But seriously folks, this book is both easy to read and interesting. It's about Jewish Karma, baby. Click to read more.
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