Sukkah 2000 / 5760
Sukkah designs by prominent architects
Request for Your Participation


Thank you for your consideration to participate in this website.

The goal of this site is to collect 'gif' images of sukkah designs by prominent Jewish architects for display on this site in the Year 2000 and 5760 and beyond.

Why? Well, it is reminiscent of the show of synagogue designs that was mounted in New York City in the early 1960's. It introduces audiences to prominent architects, the Jewish High Holy Day of Sukkot, and architecture's role in enhancing the meaning of observance and spirituality

How do you participate? Please read through the site's notes on the holiday of Sukkot. The send an email to I can then send you additional information on where to send a sketch and essay in paper or electronic format. The design and essay can then be added to the site.

Who owns the design? The architect and his or her personal corporation retains sole ownership of and all copyrights to their design and essay.

Who is getting paid? This is a not-for-profit venture. No revenues are expected to be generated. Any revenues that are generated will preferably be donated to a charity dedicated to shelter. If this project generates any revenue over $50, the participating architects / designers will share in any profits, or they may donate any share of profits to a charity of their choice.

Where did the idea originate? The idea came about after visiting a exhibit of photos of the Denver community's Sukkahs in October 1996, and subsequently seeing an exhibit of tent designs that were influenced by famous structures at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City. I then sent the idea around to some museums. After some research, I found out that a similar exhibit was mounted in 1994 at The Spertus Museum in Chicago. I hope to build upon these other exhibits.

Copyright © All copyrights are owned by the respective architects and/or their
All photos on these pages are the property of the respective architects and their firms

Disclaimer: Sukkah 2000 / 5760 and those associated with it seek only to display these works for the purposes of religious education and entertainment. It is not responsible for the use or misuse of the photos and essays. Readers should use this site only for education. They should not copy nor reproduce any parts of this site without the written permission of the specific architect.