Sukkah 2000 / 5760
Sukkah designs by prominent architects


Shalom. Welcome to the Sukkah 2000 / 5760 website, a work in progress. Please note that all designs, copyrights, and essays herein remain the sole property of the architects and their personal corporations. This site seeks only to publicize their works. Its goal is to enlighten, entertain, and allow you to see the holiday of sukkot from the perspective of shelter.
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Designs by The Following Prominent World Architects
Note: Not all architects have been contacted yet. Give us time.

  • Shlomo Aronson
  • Thomas H. Beeby
  • Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker
  • James Cutler
  • Peter Eisenman
  • Shlomo Eshkol
  • James Ingo Freed
  • Frank O Gehry
  • Michael Gelick
  • James March Goldberg
  • Lawrence Halprin
  • Amos Hammerman
  • Yisrael Kimhi
  • Gertrude Lempp Kerbis
  • Daniel Libeskind
  • Richard Meier
  • Eric Owen Moss
  • James L. Nagle
  • Carol Ross Barney
  • Moshe Safdie
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Denise Scott-Brown
  • Robert A. M. Stern
  • Stanley Tigerman
  • Daniel Weese
  • Richard Sol Wurman

  • Jassen S. Callender and Charlotte Friedel
  • Lucianne Hudak
  • Gwendolyn Kane
  • Vesa Loikas
  • Eirik Magnuson
  • Kent Simon
  • Mark Levin (Beth israel SF)
  • Bruce Levin (Tel Aviv)
  • Michael Landau (Beth israel sf)
  • Alexander Gorlin Iagainst wooden synagogue)
  • Friedner Wittman (beth israel bldg committee)
  • Avraham Yasky (architect of Ben Gurion University)
  • Ada Carmi-Melemad (architect of Ben Gurion University)
  • Amnon Niv (architect of Ben Gurion University)
  • Natan Magen (architect of Ben Gurion University
  • Raphael Reifer Yasky (architect of Ben Gurion University
  • Yaakov Gil (architect of Ben Gurion University
  • Ram Carmi (architect of Ben Gurion University
  • Bracha and Micky Hayutin
  • Shalom Baranes
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